"The pillory is an engine made of
     wood, to punish offenders,
     by exposing them to public view,
     and rendering them infamous." 
     (from The Newgate Calendar  vol. 1, 1824: 313)

  What is the Newgate Calendar?

A Selection of Stories: 

  William Bew
          Who practised the Art of Flattery on the 
          Highway.  Executed 17th of April, 1689.
    Elizabeth Brownrigg
         Executed for Torturing her Female 
         Apprentices to Death.
  Deborah Churchill
         Executed for Murder.

  Margaret Dixon

  Richard Ferguson, alias Galloping Dick
         Executed for Highway Robbery.

  Mary Hamilton, alias Charles, &c.
         Whipped for Marrying with her Own Sex.
  Amy Hutchinson
         Burnt for the Murder of her Husband.
  Catherine Jones
         Tried for Bigamy.

  Francis Smith
        Condemned to Death for the
        Murder of a Supposed Ghost.

  William Spiggot and Thomas Phillips
          Hanged for Robbing on the Highway. 

  Joseph Wood and Thomas Underwood
          Executed for Robbery.