Krishna Dev KumarThe Space Systems Dynamics and Control (SSDC) group is a highly motivated team of world-class researchers who, are developing the next generation of satellite technology and intelligent systems (including wireless sensor systems) for aerospace and terrestrial applications including micro- and macro-satellites (pico-satellites (0.1-1 kg), femto-satellites(<0.1 kg), and solar power satellites (>10000 kg)). The goal of the SSDC, along with industry and academic partners, is to develop cutting-edge technologies in guidance and navigation, control, fault diagnosis and prognosis, and energy harvesting. Furthermore, the research includes the development of miniature smart systems based on micro-electromechanical systems and nanotechnologies. The research at SSDC will lead to breakthrough technologies in the future, benefiting aerospace and high-tech industries, and society at large. 

Dr. Krishna Dev Kumar, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Space Systems Engineering
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Current Research
solar sailSatellite Control using Environmental Forces memsMicro Electro Mechanical (MEMS) Actuators formationFormation Flying of Miniature Satellites
underactuatedUnderactuated Satellite Control Systems  micro nanoMicro, Nano, Pico and Femto Satellite Design orbitalAttitude Control of Miniature Satellites