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  Klaas J. Kraay

   Associate Professor, Philosophy Department                                                                                                                                                     Full CV  

Current Funded Research Project: 
Research Group:
Edited Book:
(2015)  God and the Multiverse: Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Perspectives (Routledge).                                                     [Introduction]

Journal Articles:
 (2014) “Perspectives and Positions in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy of Religion”, Toronto Journal of Theology 30: 132-140.
 (2014) “Peter van Inwagen on Gratuitous Evil”Religious Studies 50: 217-234.
 (2013) “Method and Madness in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy of Religion”, Toronto Journal of Theology 29: 245-264.
  (2013) “On Preferring God's Non-Existence”Canadian Journal of Philosophy 43: 157-178. [with C. Dragos].
  (2013) “Can God Satisfice?”, American Philosophical Quarterly 50: 399-410.
  (2013) “Megill's Multiverse Meta-Argument”, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 73: 235-241.
  (2011) “Theism and Modal Collapse”, American Philosophical Quarterly 48: 361-372.
  (2011) “Incommensurability, Incomparability, and God's Choice of a World”, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 69: 91-102.
  (2010) “Theism, Possible Worlds, and the Multiverse”, Philosophical Studies 147: 355-368.
  (2008) “Creation, World-Actualization, and God's Choice Among Possible Worlds”, Philosophy Compass 3: 854-872.
  (2007) “Divine Unsurpassability”, Philosophia 35: 293-300.                                                                                                                [Reprinted here in 2013]
  (2007) “Absence of Evidence and Evidence of Absence”, Faith and Philosophy 24: 203-228.
  (2006) “God and the Hypothesis of No Prime Worlds”, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 59: 49-68.
  (2005) “William L. Rowe's A Priori Argument for Atheism”, Faith and Philosophy 22: 211-234.
  (2005) “Theistic Replies to the A Priori Argument for Atheism”, Philo 8: 22-36.                                                                           [Reprinted here in 2010]
  (2003) “Philo's Argument for Divine Amorality Reconsidered”, Hume Studies 29: 283-304.    
  (2002) “Externalism, Memory, and Self-Knowledge”, Erkenntnis 56: 297-317.
Book Chapters:
  (2012) “The Theistic Multiverse: Problems and Prospects”, in Nagasawa, Y. [Ed.], Scientific Approaches to the Philosophy of Religion,
  Palgrave MacMillan, 143-162.
  (2010) “The Problem of No Best World”, in Taliaferro, C., Draper, P., and Quinn, P. [Eds.], A Companion to Philosophy of Religion, 2nd
  ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 481-491.

  (2008) “Can God Choose a World at Random?”, in Wielenberg, E., and Nagasawa, Y. [Eds.], New Waves in Philosophy of Religion, Palgrave
  MacMillan, 22-35.

Annotated Bibliographies:
  (2013) “The Problem of Divine Hiddenness”,  Oxford Bibliographies Online.
  (forthcoming) “God and Possible Worlds”, Oxford Bibliographies Online [with A. Chantler and K. Lougheed].

Work in Progress:
  “God and Gratuitous Evil” for Philosophy Compass.

Recent Conferences Organized: