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How to Register in a Certificate

  • Certificate programs are offered through The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing EducationNew window and consist of approximately six to ten one-semester courses that provide post secondary-level studies in a specific career-related area and result in the awarding of a Ryerson certificate.
  • Registering in a certificate program allows you priority enrolment for all of your future Chang School courses. You avoid the possible disappointment of filled classes.
  • There is no fee to register in a certificate program.


Chang Students

Some certificates require pre-approval and some are restricted.

Pre-approval certificates: some certificates require a pre-approval to be admitted. Please contact to determine if you meet the qualifications to register.

Restricted certificates: CE certificates cannot be pursued in combination with an undergraduate degree program where the course content is identical or too similar to the content of the degree program course requirement. See details on the Curriculum Advising website:

  • Log in to your RAMSS account and click on Chang Certificate Reg/Transfer.
  • An email will be sent to your Ryerson account to confirm your certificate registration.
  • Normal processing time is three working days (this timeline may be extended during peak periods such as the start and end of term).

To access RAMSS you need your Ryerson Student Number. If you do not have a Student Number or have forgotten your Student Number, you can:

Chang StudentsRemember:

Register in your certificate program before Priority Enrolment begins for the next term and you are entitled to enrol in courses before the regular enrolment periods. Priority Enrolment dates are posted each term at

  e.g., "What programs do you offer?" or "How do i apply?"