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Getting Started

The RAMSS Student Center is an online system that lets you manage all aspects of your academic, personal and financial information at Ryerson. You can:

  • View your academic status
  • Enrol in classes
  • Apply to graduate
  • View your account status
  • Add or update your personal information

and much, much more.

Once you have logged in to my, you can access the Student Center from the RAMSS tab. home page with RAMSS tab

How to Go to the Student Center
  1. Click the RAMSS tab.
    Main Menu link on menu bar
  2. On the menu bar, click Main Menu.
    Self Service link under Main Menu
  3. Click Self Service.
    Student Center link under Self Service
  4. Click the Student Center link.

Student Center page showing student's schedule, Account Summary, Contact Information and Admissions
This is the Student Center home page. It’s your gateway to all of your school-related information, from academics and finances to personal information and admissions.

It is your starting point and contains a summary of your key information, like your current class schedule, your account balance and more. This easy-to-use center has all the information you need in one place without having to go to 3 or 4 different places to get it.

There are five sections to your Student Center:


The Academics section of your Student Center shows a summary of your academic status and has the links that you need to manage all aspects of your academic information.
Academics section showing helpful links and class schedule

How to use this section is described in more detail in the Academics job aid.

Student Fees

The Student Fees section of the Student Center shows the summary of your account and has links to view the details about your account by term, including:

  • charges applied to your account
  • payments made to your account
  • how the payments were applied to the fees charged

Student Fees section with important Account links and summary of student's balance

How to use this section is described in more detail in the Student Fees job aid.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid section of your Student Center has a link for you to look at the award information for a specific academic year.
Financial Aid link in Student Center

See the Financial Aid job aid for details.

Personal Information

The Personal Information section of your Student Center has the links to view or update your personal information on record at Ryerson.
Personal Information section showing contact information

How to use this is described in more detail in the Personal Information job aid.


The Admissions section is not available to Continuing Education students.

You can move around the Student Center in many ways. There are often several different ways to access a screen or complete a task. These job aids provide you with a recommended method of performing a task. Once you get familiar with the Student Center, you will find the way that best suits you.

All these job aids assume that you are starting at the Student Center.


Under each section, there are links for quick access to the most commonly used activities. For example, right under the Academics heading, there are quick-links to some of the things you may be doing most often – like enrolling in classes, or checking your grades.
Quick-links in Academics section include Search, Enrol, My Academics, and Grades/Standing

By clicking the link, you can jump to any information or task you need to complete.


Some sections have, in addition to quick-links, drop-downs that contain all the options related to the section – including those with quick-links.
Academics section with drop-down menu featuring links to academic-related items

For Example, the Academics section has a drop-down with ten options. These are all of the Academics-related options available to you. To choose an option, select it from the list and click Forward arrow.

Go To drop-down menu with link to Student Center
Also, at the top and bottom of most pages, you will see a go to … drop-down. This can be useful if you want to go back to the Student Center at any time.

Never use your browser's back button. This may cause you to lose information that you have just entered!

Other Ways to Navigate

In addition to quick-links and drop-downs, there may be other ways to get to the option or task you want to perform.
Academics section with enrolment shopping cart link and search for classes button

For example:

  • Clicking enrolment shopping cart ► will take you to the same place as the Shopping Cart quick-link.
  • Clicking the SEARCH FOR CLASSES button will take you to the same place as the Search quick-link.
Viewing and Printing Reports

If you are viewing or printing a report such as an Account Statement, you will need to make sure that the pop-up blocker is turned off! Otherwise, the report may not display successfully.


Some of the most complex pages have a link that you can click to get help with interpreting what you see on the page.
Account Details Help link at top of Account Details page

For example on the Account Details page, the Account Details Help has help on how to interpret how the payments and fees have been applied.

Just click the (Help icon) Account Details Help link to view it.

When you are finished using the Student Center, you need to exit from RAMSS. To do this you click the Exit RAMSS tab at the top right of the page.
Exit RAMSS link at top of web page

  e.g., "What programs do you offer?" or "How do i apply?"