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How to Drop a Class

When dealing with a student’s enrolment problems, you may need to drop a class that the student has enrolled in.

You can drop a class using the Quick Enrolment link on the Admin Center's Academics tab.
Admin Center's Academics tab with Quick Enrolment link under Term Summary section

List of Undergraduate terms under Term Summary section

  1. Click the check-box beside the applicable Term.
  2. Scroll down and click the Quick Enrolment link.

Quick Enrolment page with Action drop down menu and option to search for the Course Number
This is the main screen used for enrolment, dropping and swapping of classes. There are two ways you can do this:

  • One class at a time – details of the class are entered and submitted for processing.
  • Multiple classes – details for several classes are entered and then submitted for processing all at the same time.

The first time you come to this page there will be one row available with a default action of Enrol. If you want to enter more rows, click
Add to add a new class-entry line.

  1. Select Drop from the Action drop down box.
  2. Click Search icon beside the Course Nbr box.

Enrolment Listing showing student's list of current classes
This shows a list of all the classes the student is currently enrolled in.

  1. Click the check-box to the left of the class you want to drop.
    Quick Enrolment page with Action and Course Number ready to submit
  2. Click Submit button

Admin Important:

The Save button at the bottom of the page does not perform the drop. It only saves the drop request.

Quick Enrolment page with success status displayed
Your submission is evaluated and assigned a Status that is shown in the column next to the Section column. Possible values for status are:

  • Success – the student was dropped from the class with no errors.
  • Messages – the student was dropped in the class but warning message(s) about possible problems were generated. Click the Messages link to see them.
  • Errors – errors occurred and the student was not dropped from the class. Click the Errors link to view the error message(s).
    • You may be able to deal with the error by overriding one or more of the requirements.
    • See the How to Enrol a Student in a Class job aid for instructions on how to override a requisite.

To drop another class, click Add to add a new row.