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Faculty Center

The RAMSS Faculty Center is an online system that lets you manage all aspects of your classes and student grading process.

Once you have logged in to, you can access the Faculty Center from the RAMSS tab. home page

To Go to the Faculty Center
  1. Click the RAMSS tab.
    RAMSS tab on home page
  2. On the menu bar, click Main Menu.
    Main Menu link on menu bar
  3. Click Self Service.
    elf Service link under Main Menu
  4. Click Faculty Center.
    Faculty Center link under Self Service
  5. Click My Schedule.
    My Schedule link under Faculty Center
About the Faculty Center

Faculty Center home page
This is the Faculty Center home page. It’s your gateway to all the faculty-related tasks that you will need to perform. There are several navigation techniques for using this center.

First, there are several icons on the Faculty Center that you can click to start a task. These are:

Radio buttons are available to choose a display option for the page. For example, by clicking on Select radio button beside Show Enrolled Classes Only, you can change the page to display only those classes that have students enrolled in them.

Grade Roster column in Student Grade table with drop down boxes for entering values
When you enter grades you will select the grade from a drop-down box that has a list of valid grades from which to choose. Click Drop down arrow beside the drop down box and then click a value to select it.

Printer Friendly Version – is a quick link which in this case allows you to view a printer friendly version of the Class or Grade Roster. You can then use your web browser to print it.

Save – is a button used to save the changes that you have.

You must always save your updates/changes after you have finished making them. If you do not, they will be lost.

When You Are Done

When you are finished using the Faculty Center, you need to exit from RAMSS. To do this you click the Sign Off link at the top right of the page.
Sign Out of RAMSS link