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Please note: Some of the screenshots in the following tutorials may not look exactly like your RAMSS account. However, steps and instructions provided are accurate. Updated screenshots, reflecting the current RAMSS layout, are coming soon! 


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The Academics section of your Student Center shows a summary of your academic status and has all the links that you need to manage all aspects of your academic information.

Quick-links in Academics section include Search, Shopping Cart, Enrol, My Academics, and Grades/Standing

The Academics section has five quick-links that take you to the most commonly used academic activities:

  • Search – to search for classes. Using this link, you can search for and select classes to add to your Shopping Cart.
  • Shopping Cart – to build a class schedule before enrolment.
  • Enrol – another way to build your class schedule and enrol in classes. See the following job aids for details:
  • My Academics – to go to the My Academics page where you will find more links that you can use to view your academic record. These are described in more detail below.
  • Grades/Standing – to view your grades standing and term GPA on the same page.

The other academic… drop-down has a more complete list of academic activities.Academics section with drop-down menu featuring links to academic-related items

  • Click an option and then click Forward arrow to go to it. 

Weekly class schedule in Academics section
The schedule of classes that you are enrolled in is shown for the current term. For a weekly display of your classes and scheduled times, click the weekly schedule► link beneath it.

Note: Some classes, such as thesis research or independent study courses that don't have a scheduled meeting time or location, will not appear on your weekly schedule. These classes will appear on your schedule of classes in the Academics section of your Student Center, with the time and location listed as 'TBA'.

Key information section, including holds, checklists, enrolment dates, exams, course intentions, and academic information

On the right is a collection of key information regarding your academics, including:

  • Holds – a list of any outstanding fees and/or other obligations to Ryerson, monitory or otherwise. These holds could prevent you from successfully enrolling in a class.
  • Checklist – notification that you have applied to graduate.
  • Enrolment Dates – a link to get the key dates for enrolment.
  • Exams – a link to more details on the exam schedule for the current term.
  • Course Intentions – links to learn more about course intentions.
  • Academic Information – links to learn more about your advisement report, transfer credits and applying to graduate.

To find out more about any of these, click the relevant link.

If you click the My Academics link on your Student Center, you go to the My Academics tab.

Many of the links here are also available from the other academic… drop-down in the academic section of your home page.

My Academics tab with links for Academic Requirements, Plan/Major, Transfer Credit, Course History, Transcript, Graduation, Minor selection, and program details

This tab has ten quick-links:

  • View my advisement report – to view a report of all the course requirements needed in order for you to graduate. This is only available to Undergraduate students. See the How to View my Advisement Report job aid.
  • Change Plan/Major – to make a Plan/Major change from an undeclared plan to a defined Plan/Major. See the How to Change my Plan/Major job aid.
  • Evaluate my transfer credits – to submit courses that you have completed at other accredited Ontario institutions for credit towards your Ryerson program of study. See the How to Submit a Course for Transfer Credit Evaluation job aid.
  • View my transfer credit report – to view a report showing the status of all your courses submitted for transfer credit evaluation. See the How to View my Transfer Credit Report job aid.
  • View my course history – to view the history of all the courses that you have completed along with your grade, their GPA weight and current status.
  • View my unofficial transcript – to view an unofficial transcript that shows all the courses studied at Ryerson as well as any transfer credits granted for courses taken at other institutions. See the How to View my Unofficial Transcript job aid.
  • Apply for graduation – to notify the University that you are ready to graduate and wish to participate in a specific convocation ceremony. See the How to Apply to Graduate job aid.
  • Select minor – to add a minor to your program. See the How to Select a Minor job aid. You can only select a minor after you apply to graduate.
  • Submit an Online Graduation Document Courier Request – If you graduated within the last year and you did not collect your award document at your Convocation, it will be available for you to request by courier or to pick up at the ServiceHub. See the How to Submit an Online Graduation Document Courier Request job aid.
  • Add or Change Concentration – Some Ryerson programs have one or more Concentrations available for students. See the How to Add, Change, or Delete a Concentration job aid.