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How to View My Advisement Report

The Advisement Report is a tool for undergraduate degree students that shows all the courses that you have taken or are enrolled in as well as those courses needed in order for you to graduate.

You can use the Advisement Report to:

  • Check the accuracy of your academic record, including approved transfer credits, challenge credits and course substitutions or directives.
  • Assist you during the Course Intention and course enrolment process to determine outstanding requirements.
  • Ensure that your course selections fulfill your requirements.

As you work your way towards graduation, this report reflects your progress and gives details of the courses you still need to take in order to graduate.

The Advisement Report is unofficial, may contain inaccuracies and is subject to change. It does not represent an irrevocable contract between the student and the university.

If you are enrolled in your final course, semester or year of study and are planning on graduating, you must submit an Application to Graduate by the deadline date published in 'Significant Dates' in the Undergraduate Calendar. Go to How to Apply to Graduate for step-by-step instructions.

Undergraduate and Graduate StudentsHelpful Tip:

Every time you change your course selections, you should run the Advisement Report to ensure that your changes have met your requirements.

You can access the Advisement Report through the Academics tile on your home page.

Academics tile on the student home page on RAMSS

  1. Click the View My Advisement Report menu item.

    View My Advisement Report menu item on Academics main menu

  2. Click the View My Advisement Report link.

    View My Advisement Report link on View My Advisement Report page

    This page provides information about who can use the report and where to find complete information about its uses and limitations.

Undergraduate and Graduate StudentsHelpful Tip:

You may wish to print a copy of the Understanding my Advisement Report page now, so you can refer to it when you view the report.

  1. Click Expand All.

    View My Advisement Report page with Expand All button

    Expanded view:

    Expanded view of Advisement Report

    This is your Advisement Report. It shows all the graduation requirements for your currently active program and plan(s).

    • The report is broken down into a number of sections that can be expanded by clicking ► or collapsed by clicking ▼ to the left of the title.
    • To collapse all of the sections, you can use the Collapse All button at the top of the report.

    View My Advisement Report page with Collapse All button

    This shows a list of courses that meet one of the requirements.

    • If the course list is long, only the first part of it displays. To view the full list, click the View All link.
    • You can sort each course grid by clicking on the top of a column. You can sort by course description or when you took the course. (You will need to click twice on "When" to put your most recent courses first.)
    • Click the course Description to see the course details from the course catalogue. You can then inquire on what sections of the course are available, using the View Class Sections button.

    List of courses with View All link

    To help you interpret what you see on your Advisement Report, click the Advisement Report Help link in the top-right corner of the page.

    View My Advisement Report page with Advisement Report Help link

Undergraduate and Graduate StudentsRemember:

The Advisement Report is only a tool to aid you in selecting courses appropriate to your program. You are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you have met all university requirements for graduation as set out in the official Ryerson University Undergraduate calendar. If you have any problems understanding your Advisement Report or have questions or concerns about fulfilling these requirements or about any limits, restrictions and variations applicable to your program, contact your Program Department.