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How to Enrol from My Classes Offered

The foundation of the enrolment process is the Shopping Cart. It is used in much the same way as you use a shopping cart when shopping in your favourite store. However, instead of filling it with things you want to buy, you fill it with classes you want to enrol in.

When you use the Shopping Cart to enrol in classes you take the following steps to build your class schedule:

  • search for classes offered to your program and plan this term
  • put them in your Shopping Cart
  • check that the class pre-requisites and schedule fits your needs (validation)
  • if a class does not fit your schedule or you have not met the requisites, select another class and continue until all selected classes validate

Once you have successfully built your class schedule you can proceed to enrol in these classes.

You can enrol from your classes offered using the Shopping Cart link in the Academics section or your home page.
Shopping Cart quick-link in Academics section of RAMSS

  1. Click the Shopping Cart link.
    Shopping Cart tab with term selection chart and Continue button
  2. Select the applicable Term and Career.
  3. Click CONTINUE .
    My Classes Offered search option in Shopping Cart

This shows the content of your Shopping Cart for the term you selected. You will use it to hold the classes that you are considering enrolling in as you build your class schedule.

  • Your Shopping Cart may be empty or it may contain classes that you put into it before.
  • You can add and delete classes from your cart and validate that they fit your schedule and/or that you meet the requisites at any time.
  • Your current class schedule is shown at the bottom of this page.
  1. Click the button beside My Classes Offered.
  2. Click search.
    Search My Classes Offered page displaying Information and Restrictions for all Undergraduate Students

This is a filtered version of your Advisement Report that shows only courses you have completed and classes that are offered to your program and plan in the term you selected. Just like your Advisement Report, you can scroll down and see your satisfied and unsatisfied requirements and their status.

  1. Scroll down to view the Required Courses offered for this term.
    Required Courses section for selected term
  2. Click  Green arrow icon beside Required Courses.
    Chart of classes available to fulfill unsatisfied requirements for term

This shows classes available to fulfill your unsatisfied requirements. From these, you can select a class to add to your Shopping Cart by clicking the course description.

If the course list is long, only the first part of it displays. To view the full list, click the View All link or click  Expand to view all icon to view the full list in a separate window.

  1. Click on the Description of the course you want to choose.
    Course description, including enrolment information and requirements, summary, and selection options for schedule

This is the description of the course from the course catalog along with the schedule of classes offered in the term you have selected.

If the list of scheduled courses is long, click the View All link to see the complete list.

  1. Click select beside the class you want to choose.
    Enrolment Preferences page with course details and Next button
  2. Confirm that you have selected the correct class.
  3. Click NEXT.
    List of courses in Shopping Cart with checkboxes to select and validate

The class that you selected has been added to your Shopping Cart. You can continue to build your class schedule by searching for and adding more classes as described above.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

When you have finished building your class schedule and your Shopping Cart contains all the classes you want to enroll in, you are ready to do a validation. This ensures that when you go to enroll in these classes, you will not encounter any problems.

Some of the things that validation checks are:

  • Is there a seat available in the class?
  • Does the class schedule conflict with another class that you have
    selected or one that you are already enrolled in?
  • Have you met the requirements for the class?
  • Is there a hold on your account?

If a class does not validate, you can delete it from your Shopping Cart and add another one. You continue this process until all your selected classes validate successfully.

  1. Click the check-box beside the Classes you want to validate.
  2. Click validate.
    Validation status report with validation success/error message

The selected classes are evaluated and a status for each class displays along with a message

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Note:

Validation is like a "test-drive" for enrolment. You are not actually enrolled in the selected classes at this point.

There are three types of messages that you might receive from validation:

Message Status
OK to Add - You can enrol in the class with no problems
Warning - The class may be added
Error - A potential problem has been found that could stop you from enrolling in a class. If this occurs, you can select another class and try again or contact your program department √ or X


If you have a Hold on your academic record, this needs to be addressed before proceeding with any further enrolment.

The (Help icon) Results Help link will help you interpret some of the messages that you may encounter during validation.

    List of courses in Shopping Cart with checkboxes to select and Enrol button

Once you have finished building your class schedule and all your selected classes have been validated, you can proceed to enrol in them.

  1. Click the check-boxes beside the Classes you want to enrol in.
  2. Click enrol.
    Enrolment confirmation page with list of classes to be added and Finish Enrolling button

This is where you confirm that you have selected all the right classes for enrolment. To make changes, click the PREVIOUS button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Confirm that you have selected the correct classes for enrolment.
    Enrolment status report with enrolment success/error message

Your submission has been evaluated and the result is shown in the Message column. If you validated all you classes, enrolment should be problem-free!

Some courses span multiple terms. For example, POL27A/B is a multi-term course where:

  • Part A – is taught in the first term
  • Part B – is taught in the subsequent term

If you selected a multi-term course, you are enrolled in a class for Part A. You will automatically be enrolled in the class for Part B of the same course in the subsequent term.

Enrolment in the Part B is not done immediately, but will occur prior to the opening of enrolment for the subsequent term.

You should now view your Advisement Report and to confirm you are enrolled in the applicable class(es). See the How to View my Advisement Report job aid for details.

For help interpreting some of the resulting enrolment messages, click the (Help icon) Results Help link.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Note:

Click the My Class Schedule button to see the effects of the enrolment on your class schedule.

  e.g., "What programs do you offer?" or "How do i apply?"