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How to Enrol (Without Validation)

When you enrol in a class without validation, you enrol in your classes directly without validating the schedule and requisites beforehand.

This can be a long tedious process. You might want to consider enrolling with validation instead. This option lets you build your class schedule, check that the classes fit your schedule and that your requirements are met before actually submitting your final request to enrol in the classes. See the How to Enrol (With validation) job aid for details.

You can enrol in classes without validation using the Enrol link in the Academics section or your home page.
Enrol quick-link in Academic section

  1. Click the Enrol link.
    Shopping Cart tab with term selection chart and Continue button
  2. Select the applicable Term and Career.
  3. Click CONTINUE.
    List of courses in Shopping Cart with class search options and Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button

This shows the classes that are already in your Shopping Cart. Your current class schedule is shown at the bottom of this page.

Undergraduate and Graduate StudentsNote:

You can add more classes to the Shopping Cart, by ensuring the Class Search button is selected and then clicking the search button.

If you are not familiar with the steps for searching for classes, see the How to Search for Classes job aid.

When your Shopping Cart has all the classes that you want to enrol in, you can try to enrol in them by clicking the PROCEED TO STEP 2 OF 3 button.

  1. Click PROCEED TO STEP 2 OF 3.
    Enrolment confirmation page with list of classes to be added and Finish Enrolling button

At this point you must confirm that you have selected all the right classes for enrolment. To make changes, click the PREVIOUS button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Confirm that you have selected the correct classes for enrolment.
    Enrolment status report with class fees and enrolment success/error message

Your submission has been evaluated and the result is shown in the Message column.

There are two types of messages that you might receive:

Message Status
OK to Add - You have enrolled in the class successfully
Error - A potential problem has been found that has stopped you from enrolling in the class √ or X

The (Help icon) Results Help link will help you interpret some of the messages that you may encounter.

If errors are encountered, you may have to add, drop or swap classes and try enrolling again. To do this click the Add, Drop or Swap tab. See the How to Drop a Class and How to Swap a Class job aids for details.

Some courses span multiple terms. For example, POL27A/B is a multi-term course where:

  • Part A – is taught in the first term
  • Part B – is taught in the subsequent term

If you selected a multi-term course, you are enrolled in a class for Part A. You will automatically be enrolled in the class for Part B of the same course in the subsequent term.

Enrolment in the Part B is not done immediately, but will occur prior to the opening of enrolment for the subsequent term.

Undergraduate and Graduate StudentsNote:

Click the My Class Schedule button to see the effects of the enrolment on your class schedule.

  e.g., "What programs do you offer?" or "How do i apply?"