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Exam Schedule

Important Notes:

  • The exam schedule in RAMSS does not apply to students writing exams in the Test Centre - you will continue to use the Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) Online Service to confirm your exam time and location.
  • Exams that do not have a scheduled room and time (such as take-home exams) will not display on the exam schedule in RAMSS. Please make sure to confirm the exam details with your instructor.
  • Chang School exams will not appear on the exam schedule in RAMSS. You will need to verify your exam time and location with your instructor.
  • If an exam is scheduled to be longer than three hours, the full length will not display on the exam schedule in RAMSS.
  • The full undergraduate and graduate exam schedules can also be found on the Final Exams page.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students


You are responsible for ensuring you are in the right place at the right time to write your exams. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the exam schedule in RAMSS, Ryerson's exam schedule found on the Final Exams page is the official reference document, and the latest updates and revisions to the schedule will be posted to that page.

You can view your Exam Schedule for undergraduate and graduate classes from the Academics section of your home page.

  1. Select Exam Schedule from the other academic… drop down menu and click Forward arrow to proceed.
    Undergrad/Grad Exam Schedule menu option in Academics section of RAMSS
  2. Your Exam Schedule for the current term will display in the default List View.
    List View display option selected
  3. You can also select the Weekly Schedule View to view a calendar display of your scheduled exams.
    Weekly Schedule View display option selected
  4. The Weekly Schedule View will open at the current date. You will need to navigate to the week of your exam by clicking the Next Week button (this will be in December for the Fall term and April for Winter term).Next Week button can be used to navigate to week of exam
  5. This view shows a weekly display of your scheduled exam times. Remember to check your weekly schedule for each week of the exam period.
    Exams displayed on weekly schedule view on RAMSS
Undergraduate and Graduate Students


The Yellow Exclamation symbol means that the exam is scheduled to be held in 2 or more classrooms. Please make sure to verify the location where you will be writing the exam with your instructor.