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How to Change My Email Address

You can have three different types of E-mail addresses set up:

  • Ryerson – your Ryerson E-mail address where all official Ryerson communication will be sent. This address cannot be changed
  • Home – your home E-mail address where non-official Ryerson communication can be sent
  • Business – the E-mail address at your place of employment where non-official Ryerson communication can be sent

The Ryerson staff will use these e-mail addresses when they want to contact you.

You can update your e-mail address from the Personal Information section of your home page, using the Ryerson E-mail link.
Ryerson Email link in Personal Information section of RAMSS

  1. Click the Ryerson E-mail link.
    List of user's emails, including type, address, and preference

This shows the Email addresses that Ryerson currently has on file for you.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Note:

You can delete any Email address except your Ryerson University one. To delete an Email address, click the delete button beside the address to be deleted.

  1. Make your changes to the Email address.
  2. Click SAVE.
    Email Address save confirmation

Your Email address has been successfully changed.

  1. Click OK.
    List of updated email addresses

This shows all your updated Email addresses.

To add a new Email address, click the ADD AN EMAIL ADDRESS button. See the How to Add an Email Address job aid for details.

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