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Student Fees

The Student Fees section of your Student Centre shows a summary of your account and lets you to view details about your account by term, including:

  • charges applied to your account
  • payments made to your account
  • how the payments were applied to the fees charged

Student Fees tab with links to Account Inquiry, T2202A Inquiry PDF, Fees and Enrolment Confirmation and Account Statement PDF
The Student Fees section of your Student Centre has four quick-links:

  • Account Inquiry - to view the details of your account. See the How to Inquire on my Account job aid.
  • T2202A Inquiry (.PDF) - to print a T2202A tax slip when it is available at the end of February
  • Fees & Enrolment Confirmation - to print a Fees & Enrolment Confirmation statement. Sample included below.
    Customer Account Statement with student's Enrolment Activity, charges, payments, and balance
  • Account Statement (.PDF) - to print an account statement. Sample included below.
    Consolidated Student Financial Summary Statement includes Tuition and Ancillary Fees, Additional Fees, Government Assistance, Credits and Balance Owing on Account

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Note:

If you are printing your T2202A tax slip or your Account Statement make sure that the pop-up blocker is turned off!

You can also use the other financial... drop-down to view the charges due on the account or payments made to the account.

"Other Financial..." drop-down menu with links to Charges Due and Payments
Just click an option and then click Forward arrow to go to it.