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Student Fees

The Student Fees section of your Student Centre shows a summary of your account and lets you to view details about your account by term, including:

  • charges applied to your account
  • payments made to your account
  • how the payments were applied to the fees charged

Students Fees section with My Account highlighted

The Student Fees section of your Student Centre has four quick-links:

  • Account Inquiry - to view the details of your account. See the How to Inquire on my Account job aid.
  • T2202 Inquiry (.PDF) - to print a T2202A tax slip when it is available at the end of February
  • Fees & Enrolment Confirmation - to print a Fees & Enrolment Confirmation statement. Sample included below.

    Fee/Enrolment Confirmation screen

    Fees & Enrolment Confirmation statement

  • Account Statement (.PDF) - to print an account statement. Sample included below.
    Consolidated Student Financial Summary Statement in printable format

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Note:

If you are printing your T2202 tax slip or your Account Statement make sure that the pop-up blocker is turned off!

You can also use the other financial... drop-down to view the charges due on the account or payments made to the account.

Student Fees page with 'other financial' drop-down
Just click an option and then click Forward arrow to go to it.