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How to Request a Refund

Students can request a refund online from the Student Fees section of their Student Center in RAMSS.

  • Refunds will be processed within 15 business days.
  • Students requesting a refund, who have received OSAP funding, bursaries or other awards will have their credit balance(s) assessed by the Student Financial Assistance Office to confirm refund eligibility.
  • Payments made by credit card, will be refunded back to the original credit card. All other forms of payment will be refunded by cheque.


  1. On your Student Center in RAMSS, confirm that you have a credit balance in the Account Summary section.Account Summary and student Balance under Student Fees section of RAMSS
  2. Confirm that your mailing address is up to date in the Personal Information section of your RAMSS account.Personal Information tab in RAMSS, showing Contact Information

Undergraduate and Graduate StudentsNote:

In the event that a refund is issued in the form of a cheque, the mailing address presently listed will be used. For detailed instructions on how to update your Mailing Address, please visit:

  1. Select the Request a Refund link, located in the Student Fees section of the Student Center.Request a Refund link in Student Fees section
  2. Enter the refund amount you would like to receive. You cannot enter a refund value which exceeds the eligible refund amount listed.Refund Request showing Eligible Amount and text box for Requested Amount.