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Faculty members have an important role when it comes to promoting Academic Integrity at Ryerson University. As faculty, you set the example and model the behaviours inherent in Academic Integrity. From the first class and throughout the academic year, your actions not only influence students, but send a message to students, teaching assistants and the Ryerson community about our commitment to the standards and expectations of the university.


These free workshops are offered through Student Learning Support (SLS) and Ryerson University Library and Archives (RULA). The workshops provided assist students in developing the knowledge and skills required for academic success. Encouraging your students to attend a workshop will also help them focus on areas where they most need help.

Registration for any workshop is available on the AIO Automated System site.

Student Learning Support (SLS) provides free workshops and one­-on­-one support to assist students to develop the knowledge and skills required for academic success. For more information visit

Ryerson University Library & Archives (RULA) provides free workshops and online tutorials for students and faculty/instructors. For more information visit the RULA workshops information page.

English Language Support

For students who use English as an additional language looking for help with their writing, reading, listening, speaking, and oral presentation skills.

Workshop Information

Study Skills and Transition Support

For students who want to learn more effective study skills and habits to learn effectively and efficiently.

Workshop Information

Writing Support

For students who need help working through writing assignments, specifically by providing meaningful and constructive conversations about their writing.

Workshop Information

Graduate Student Support

For students enrolled in one of Ryerson’s Master's or PhD programs looking for help with developing graduate-focused academic skills.

Workshop Information

Math Support

For students looking for help with math, guidance in their math-related courses, or simply to develop math skills and understanding.

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D2L: Incorporating Tutorial Episodes & Quizzes

D2L Brightspace quizzes are designed to help students improve their understanding and skills on whatever topic they are focusing on.

Faculty members are able to create, customize, and share quizzes with students as a healthy addition to the assignments and exams provided throughout a semester.

For more information on working in your my.ryerson (D2L Brightspace) course quizzes, visit the D2L Brightspace Faculty Support Page.

Importing a Quiz Online
  1. Download the AI Quiz file to your computer. The zip file contains an exported D2L Brightspace quiz.
  2. Log in to D2L as Instructor and select a course.
  3. Click “Edit Course,” and then “Import/Export/Copy Components.”
  4. Click “Import Components,” and then “Start.”
  5. Browse to the zip file you just downloaded, and select it. Click “Import All Components.”
  6. Click “View Content.”

The imported quiz will be available in the Assessments/Quizzes area of the course.

Additional Resources

The services listed below will assist faculty and students in promoting a culture of academic integrity at Ryerson.

For Faculty/Instructors


English Language Support (ELS).

ELS is a voluntary program, which is absolutely confidential and offers personal assistance in writing and/or speaking English. To learn more about the Learning and Teaching Office program, please see the Learning and Teaching Office website.


Learning and Teaching Office (LTO)

Visit the LT Office Website


Ryerson University Library and Archives

Visit the RULA Website