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Workshops and Tutorials

Workshops are available through the Academic Integrity Office and are offered through Student Learning Support (SLS) and Ryerson University Library and Archives (RULA).

If you have been assigned a workshop, please bring the Workshop Signature Form with you and ask the workshop leader(s) to sign it and bring it to the Academic Integrity Office in JOR 1230.  

SLS Workshops

English Language Support

For students who use English as an additional language looking for help with their writing, reading, listening, speaking, and oral presentation skills.

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Study Skills and Transition Support

For students who want to learn more effective study skills and habits to learn effectively and efficiently.

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Writing Support

For students who need help working through writing assignments, specifically by providing meaninful and constructive conversations about their writing.

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Graduate Student Support

For students enrolled in one of Ryerson’s Master's or PhD programs looking for help with developing graduate-focused academic skills.

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Math Support

For students looking for help with math, guidance in their math-related courses, or simply to develop math skills and understanding.

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Ryerson Library and Archives (RULA) Workshops

Cite it Right: Introduction to Citation Management

Knowing how to find information efficiently, use it effectively, and evaluate the quality of the information is a major key to success in your university courses and later in your chosen career. Visit the RULA Workshops page for more information.

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Fundamentals of Academic Integrity Quizzes and Workshops are available for registration.

Visit the Student Resources page to get more information and register for quizzes and workshops.