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Use ARIA Now! An #a11yTO Meetup at Ryerson University

February 19, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
DMZ Sandbox, Ryerson University Student Learning Centre
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Use ARIA Now!

Everyone loves ARIA… or do they? ARIA was subject to heated debate at our last Meetup in January. Riding on that enthusiasm, this meetup will address ARIA: when to use it and how to use it successfully with #a11yTO's own Billy Gregory!

We'll jump right in using ARIA with semantic HTML to create modern, accessible web applications. Using real code examples to solve common dilemmas, Billy will demonstrate various techniques that developers of any skill level can use to implement into their existing code to improve accessibility. Starting with the basics and working up to some more advanced examples, attendees will learn how to start using ARIA the right way, right now.

What's ARIA?

Accessible Rich Internet Applications or ARIA is used to enhance and support accessibility of scripted and dynamic content. ARIA enhances accessibility of interactive controls (such as tree menus, drag and drop, sliders, sort controls, etc.), areas that can be dynamically updated (called "live regions" in ARIA), better support for keyboard accessibility and interactivity, and much more. (Source: WebAim, external link)


The Student Learning Centre (SLC) is located at 341 Yonge Street, external link, on the north-east corner of Yonge and Gould Streets. The SLC can be accessed through the Gould Street doors or through the Library bridge.

Event accessibility

  • This event will be live captioned. 
  • For elevator access, please use the elevators east of the stairs at the main entrance for direct access into the Sandbox event space.
Direct elevator access to DMZ Sandbox is right of the main staircase on Gould Street.