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Human Resources
Human Resources provides a number of programs and services to support employees, including employees with disabilities. HR services include accommodation and return to work services facilitated by our HR Management Consultants, benefit programs to help cover the cost of some medical services and devices, and an Employee Assistance program. HR also provides leadership for the Access Ryerson initiative through our Accessibility Coordinator Heather Willis who can be reached at or (416) 979-5000 ext. 4144.

Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services
Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services - also known by its acronym R.A.S.S. - provides a culturally supportive environment to promote academic excellence and serves as a place to balance academic learning with traditional teachings and culture.

Ryerson University Libraries and Archives
The Ryerson Library is committed to providing equal access to services and collections to all students, faculty and staff of the University. Where use of library facilities and/or services are difficult or impossible, the Library will accommodate users with disabilities to examine sources, retrieve materials, and access services. Please also see the library's policy on Accessible Customer Service for Persons with Disabilities.

Human Rights Services
Ryerson's Office of Human Rights Services works with members of the Ryerson community to promote a study, work and living environment free of discrimination and harassment. Our services are available to all Ryerson University employees (faculty and staff), students, and visitors. The Office does not advocate for any individual or group. It advocates for fairness and for a community where the dignity and human rights of all its members are respected and upheld.

Universal Design for Learning
The Universal design of instruction can be defined as the design of instruction to be usable by all students, without the need for adaptation or specialized design (Burghstaler, 2005). As noted in Burghstahler's work, Universal design principles can be applied to the "overall design of instruction as well as to specific instructional materials, facilities, and strategies such as curricula, lectures, classroom discussions, group work, handouts, Web-based instruction, labs, field work, and demonstrations. Universally designed curriculum provides students with a wide range of abilities, disabilities, ethnic backgrounds, language skills, and learning styles multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement."

Office of the Ombudsperson
The Office of the Ombudsperson at Ryerson University is a safe place to get advice and assistance with resolving a problem, concern or conflict fairly, or to obtain information that you were not able to obtain elsewhere.

Integrated Risk Management
Integrated Risk Management provides information for people with disabilities on what to do in case of an emergency and how to access safety resources on campus.

Digital Media Projects
The Digital Media Projects Office (DMP) provides Ryerson faculty, staff and graduate students who are teaching or assisting their professors, with assistance in the use and production of instructional technologies and multimedia for teaching and learning.

Chang School Services and Supports
A list of services designed to facilitate student success, including achievement of academic, professional, and personal goals.

Career Centre
Providing employment postings, resources and support for students, alumni, faculty, staff, and employers.