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Ameer Hamza Asghar - Finance '17

Finance alum won $25,000 boost from annual TRSM business competition

Ameer Hamza Asghar received a $25,000 boost for his business before he even graduated from university. Ameer is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Werk Technologies, external link, a company he founded while studying at TRSM’s School of Accounting & Finance. Werk is a web-based platform that provides temporary staffing services by connecting workers with partners through proprietary algorithms and machine learning methods that match workers with jobs aligned with their preferences.

The $25,000 cheque was one of two prizes awarded in the 2017 Slaight New Venture Competition. The annual TRSM student competition gives crucial aid to young entrepreneurs as they bring innovative, viable business ideas to the market.  

Ameer enrolled at Ryerson because his mother was intrigued by the school’s dynamic personality, and the exciting environment in which it is located. Though Ameer began his academic career as a Marketing major, he became hooked on the world of finance after taking a first-year course and decided to pursue a double major in Finance and Marketing.

He says the School of Accounting & Finance (SAF) has been instrumental to his success in business and is happy he chose to study at TRSM:

“There’s a certain energy here that you don’t really find at other schools. It’s an incredible feeling that allows students to take on the world and become game changers. SAF is a competitive environment, and ordinary students are pushed to achieve through a challenging curriculum.”

Ameer says students should take pride in the fact that they are in the company of some of the brightest minds in Canada. “It’s your responsibility to set extraordinary goals during your time in SAF, and you will see that TRSM will do its best to help you achieve them.”

Most of all, Ameer urges students to follow their passions. “To be successful in your endeavours you must be passionate about what you are doing; a lack of passion won’t get you through the peaks and troughs of your journey”.

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