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Computer Science meets cyber solutions

Research Director at Ryerson's Privacy & Big Data Institute, Ali Miri

The Faculty of Science is solving problems.

Cyber security expert Professor Ali Miri is developing a secure ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT). Why? Because the devices and systems accessing the world’s information infrastructure are notoriously easy to hack. By 2020, there will likely be over 200 billion of them. Ali’s innovative IoT ecosystem will protect our privacy by eliminating vulnerabilities in the systems we use every day.

Ali works in the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science, where we make connections: across disciplines, among thinkers, with industry and to the real world. Our researchers create ground-breaking results through impactful and cutting-edge research. Our programs prepare the next generation of scientists by providing experiential learning opportunities for students to pursue their passions outside the classroom. A prime example is the Science Discovery Zone, one of the 10 distinct zones at Ryerson, where students learn to transform hypotheses into outcomes.

At Ryerson, science means finding solutions. Here, research is diverse, enterprising and relevant so we can meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.