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Advanced Digital and Professional Training (ADaPT)

ADaPT is a skills development and internship program aimed at bridging the employment gap for recent graduates. The program is facilitated by Ryerson University's TRSM Diversity Institute. The program was previously funded by the Government of Ontario.

ADaPT provides hands-on workshops in digital training, communications, research, business financials, personal branding, project management and much more. Read more about ADaPT Core training here.

ADaPT helps match new grads with paid work placements.

ADaPT works to enhance the employment prospects of recent university graduates, and coaches them one-on-one in preparation to enter the workforce. Please be advised that while the ADaPT team helps new grads find meaningful employment, it is not guaranteed that they will be matched.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested in applying for ADaPT? This program is competitive, and you will be required to submit an application before you are accepted.

If you're applying for ADaPT Core, you must be a post-secondary student in your final semester of study OR a recent graduate (within the last three years). Both undergraduate and graduate students and alumni are welcome to apply. Non-Ryerson students and alumni are eligible for ADaPT.

The ADaPT Core program is typically for recent graduates and graduate students in arts, social sciences, humanities, design and business programs. If you're not a student or grad of one of these programs, reach out to us at, and we'll see what we can do for you!

ADaPT Streams

There are a number of ADaPT streams that differ based on delivery partners, workshop training, participant background, and program format. For more general questions, please visit our FAQ page.