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ADaPT Core


What is the ADaPT Core Program?

The ADaPT Core Program is one of our main, recurring programs where you will:

  • Receive training in the areas of digital literacy, communications, research, business financials and professional skills
  • Enhance your employment prospects through access to career support
  • Boost your self-confidence and learn how to navigate the hidden job market
  • Learn how to connect with top employers and like-minded peers to potentially land a paid job placement (employment is not guaranteed)

Please click here, external link to join the waitlist for the next cohort.

There is no cost to participate.

ADaPT has three modes of delivery:

  • classroom
  • online
  • blended (combination of classroom and online)

Preference is not guaranteed, though we will try to accomodate your selection.

Applicants must be recent post-secondary graduates (or, in some cases, in the final year of study). You do not need to be a Ryerson student or alumni to apply.

The ADaPT Core program is not currently accepting applications. Please click here, external link to join the waitlist and to be notified of upcoming programming.

ADaPT 12 Core, Winter 2019

Diverse group of 40 students and staff who were involved in the ADaPT program gathering.
ADaPT Reunion 2019