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New Students

How to: Next Steps for Approved Students

You've accepted your offer, paid your tuition deposit, and met your admission requirements. Now what? Check out what steps you need to take as a new student at Ryerson. We can't wait to see you on campus this September!

Please note: The New Students page is updated as new dates and information become available. All information for Fall 2018 will be posted by late summer.

New Student Resources

Steps for New Students to be Ready for the Start of Class

Apply for Transfer Credits

Submit your Transfer Credit applications as soon as you have accepted your Offer of Admission. Follow up with course outlines, if required, as soon as your official results are confirmed by the Transfer Credit Unit. Applying early (May and June) facilitates course planning by allowing you to have your results ahead of course enrolment in August.

Visit Transfer Credits for information on eligibility, application instructions and deadlines.

More Information:
Transfer Credits Unit

Apply to Live in Residence

Research living in residence by reviewing the Housing & Residence Life website or visiting campus. Register online for a Residence Tour throughout the year. This visit will include a presentation about the residence application process and a tour of the residence buildings.

Apply from January 12 to June 1, 2018 by creating an eRez, external link account and submitting an online application. Please note that a $50 application fee payment must be made in addition to your Tuition Deposit. Residence offers are emailed starting on June 15, 2018.

Move-in day is August 26, 2018. Plan to take part in Residence Orientation Week from August 27 to 31, 2018.

More Information:
Housing & Residence Life

Apply for Scholarships

There are many scholarships and awards available to new Ryerson University students. Some are automatically awarded, while others require an application.

Awards may be specific to entering students, programs, faculties or special categories. Others are available Ryerson wide or are external and available to any post-secondary student.

Check Awards and Scholarships for awards, eligibility and application deadlines.

More Information:
Student Financial Assistance
When: March to September

Apply for Financial Assistance (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides financial assistance through student loans and grants funded by the federal and provincial governments to students enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies.

To avoid delays in receiving your assessment and funds, you must:

  • June: Apply online on the OSAP website. You should also submit all supporting documentation and signature pages by uploading your documentation to your OSAP portal. Please upload your documentation by June 30 to have your funding ready for early September.
  • By mid-August: Enrol in course load as reported on your OSAP application. See Enrol in Courses for details.

Check your application status on the OSAP website. If successful, your funds will be deposited into your Ryerson account around the first day of class. See Enrolment and Fees for information on how your OSAP application affects the payment of your tuition and fees.

More Information:
Student Financial Assistance
Website: or
Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities
Website:, external link
When: Apply before end of June

Request RESP Verification of Enrolment (if applicable)

If you have a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), you may be required to confirm your enrolment at Ryerson in order to access your savings. Ryerson provides a standardized Verification of Enrolment that contains all information required by financial institutions and is accepted in lieu of their forms. Note that Ryerson does not accept or complete company forms.

If you are a new first-year student, you can request your Verification of Enrolment by submitting a completed PDF fileRESP Verification of Enrolment Request form, along with payment, to Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment. Your verification of enrolment will be released when you meet your conditions (if applicable) and receive a clear offer of admission.

Returning students must complete the form for returning students through Enrolment Services and Student Fees. 

More Information:
Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment
When: After you have cleared the conditions on your Offer of Admission

Activate your Online Identity and Ryerson Mail

Your online identity is important! This username and password is used to access your Ryerson email, register for courses and log into computers on campus. When you accessed your Choose>Ryerson portal to track the status of your application, you also went through the process of activating your online identity.

If you have not done this step, activate your Ryerson Online Identity right now. Although you can activate your online identity as soon as you receive your letter of acknowledgment, you will have limited access to RAMSS and other online systems until August 1.

After August 1, you will be prompted to create your Ryerson email address when you log into It is important that you do this as soon as possible, as all official university communications will be sent there. Remember to check it frequently!

More Information:
Computing and Communication Services (CCS)

Apply for your Ryerson OneCard

The OneCard is your official Ryerson identification card and serves as a convenience card for many of the services on campus including the Library, Athletic Centre, printing and photocopying, food purchases, discounts and more.

New undergraduate and graduate students must apply for their OneCard online between June 1st and August 15th. This can be done through the OneCard website.

Your online identity was created when you first accessed your Choose>Ryerson portal as an applicant. If you did not complete this step, please activate your Ryerson Online Identity right now.

To pick up your OneCard, you must present one of the following pieces of identification: Passport, Driver’s License, Ontario Photo ID Card, OHIP/Health Card with Picture Secured Certificate of Indian Status, or Permanent Residence Card. Your Ryerson student number is also required.

A passport is also required if you do not possess any ID issued by a Canadian Federal, Provincial or Territorial government.

All forms of identification must be original, current and valid. The name on your document(s) must match the primary name on file with the University.

More and Updated Information:
OneCard Office

Learn about Services on Campus

At Ryerson, you can find all of the services you need to ensure your success. A few are profiled below:

Student Learning Support supports students with learning or physical disabilities through academic accommodation. If you require academic accommodations, register with Student Learning Support in July to ensure they are in place for the start of classes. Please be advised that if you included a Special Consideration form with your Ryerson application, you may be required to submit any confidential documentation again, this time directly to the Academic Accommodation Support office.

International Student Services helps International Ryerson students prepare for arrival, build a community, work on campus and advise on immigration.

Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services provides a culturally supportive environment and specialized services for Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit students on campus.

Ryerson Athletics, external link is home to the Rams! Why not try out for a varsity team, or support your fellow Rams by attending the games? You can also take advantage of our state-of-the-art athletic facilities by using the fitness centre or by joining intramural teams or sports clubs.

Ryerson University Library and Archives provides access to print and electronic collections, and offers services which include computer labs, study rooms, audio-visual resources and research assistance. Library tours and workshops are available starting in August.

These are just a few of our MANY services! To see more, please visit Student Affairs or the Student Guide.

More Information:
Student Affairs
When: All summer

Apply to Work on Campus

More than 1000 students find paid positions on campus each year! Many of these students are employed through the Career Boost program which offers financial support and valuable work experience in academic, administrative and student service departments. To be eligible for the Career Boost program, you must be eligible for OSAP or an out-of-province loan, and be a full-time undergraduate student.

Visit Jobs on Campus for details on Career Boost program eligibility and how to apply.

More Information:
Career Development and Employment Centre
When: Applications available August 2018

Learn about your Health and Dental Plan

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students are automatically covered for extended health and dental insurance coverage under the RSU Members' Health & Dental Plan. Your annual fee is included on your tuition fee statement. If you are covered by another plan, you may apply to opt-out and receive a refund.

Part-time undergraduate students are automatically covered for extended health and dental under the CESAR Health and Dental Plan. Your annual fee is included on your tuition fee statement. If you are covered by another plan, you may apply to opt-out and receive a refund.

International students registered in a full-time undergraduate program are required to be enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), which provides medical coverage comparable to OHIP for Ontario residents.

More Information:
Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU)
Website:, external link
When: Opt-out deadline is TBD

Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR)
Website:, external link
When: Opt-out deadline is TBD

International Student Support

Attend Orientation

O-Week is the official kick-off to your four years here at Ryerson! This is your chance to meet your first Ryerson friends, join awesome events, grab some free food and explore the campus. Some programs will also have mandatory academic orientation sessions you’ll need to attend.

Details for the Fall 2018 Orientation will be posted soon.

More Information:
RU Student Life
Facebook:, external link
Twitter: @RUStudentLife, external link
When: TBD

Enrol in Courses

Prior to enrolling in courses it is important to review your program curricular requirements and become familiar with important dates. The 2018-2019 Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar provides complete information on your program, courses, academic rules and regulations and Significant Dates.

Fall 2018 Course Enrolment

If you have been admitted to the first semester of a full-time undergraduate program and your Offer of Admission was confirmed before July 20th, you will automatically be enrolled into first semester required courses. You are, however, required to enrol in elective courses.

You can view the courses into which you have been automatically enrolled online via RAMSS ( in early August. Schedule changes including enrolling in your elective courses or making changes to your required courses (adds, drops and swaps) can be completed during your Enrolment Appointment or the Open Enrolment Period.

If you have been admitted to the first semester of a full-time undergraduate program and your Offer of Admission was confirmed on July 21st or later, you will not be automatically enrolled into any required or elective courses and must enrol in all courses for the first semester during your Enrolment Appointment or the Open Enrolment Period.

From August 7th to September 14th you may enrol or make changes to your Fall 2018 courses (adds, drops and swaps). Please see detailed enrolment date information on the Enrolment and Fees tab.

If you have been admitted to a part-time undergraduate program or to an upper level of a program (e.g. Direct Entry/Advanced Standing), you will not be automatically enrolled into any Required or Elective courses and must enrol in applicable courses during your Enrolment Appointment or the Open Enrolment Period (as specified by your Program Department/School).

Winter 2019 Course Intention Selections

If you were automatically enrolled into your required Fall 2018 term courses, you were also loaded into your required Winter 2019 Term course intentions. You are, however, required to select your elective courses for the Winter 2019 term.

If you were not automatically loaded into your course intentions, you may select course intentions for all of your Winter 2019 term courses including required and elective courses. Please see the current Undergraduate Calendar for program specific curriculum information.

From August 20th to September 14th you may select or adjust your course intention selections for the Winter 2018 term.

In December, your course intentions will be used to create your Winter 2019 term course schedule. Completing course intentions increases your chances of being scheduled into courses of your choice, and allows you to receive your OSAP funding for the Winter 2018 term earlier.

More Information:
Undergraduate Calendar:
RAMSS Support:

Enrolment Dates

  • Early August: Schedules will be available on RAMSS
  • August 7 - September 14: Undergraduate Course Enrolment Period for Fall 2018 Term
  • August 20 - September 14: Undergraduate Course Enrolment Period for Winter 2019 Term

Your enrolment start date will depend on whether you were admitted into a full or part-time program. It can also depend on whether you were admitted into first semester or a higher level (e.g. semester level 3) on your Offer of Admission.

Start dates for full-time undergraduate program course enrolment:

  • 1st year - Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • 2nd year - Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  • 3rd year - Monday, August 13, 2018
  • 4th year - Thursday, August 9, 2018

Start dates for part-time undergraduate program course enrolment:

  • Business Management - Monday, August 20, 2018
  • IT Management - Monday, August 20, 2018
  • All other part-time programs - Monday, August 13, 2018

Your enrolment start date will be displayed in RAMSS by the second week of August. Enrolment will be available from your enrolment start date through until the end of the Open Enrolment Period (September 14).

How to Enrol

  1. Log into RAMSS via
  2. View the Required courses in which you were automatically enrolled (if applicable).
  3. View your Transfer Credit application results (if applicable). If Transfer Credits were granted for courses you were automatically enrolled into, you must drop these courses and you may select other courses in their place.
  4. Run an Advisement Report. The report will assist you by identifying courses and requirements in your program's curriculum that you need to take. See the step by step instructions on how to run your Advisement Report.
  5. Identify courses in which you want to enrol. You can review your program's curriculum in the Undergraduate Calendar, visit your program website, or connect with your program department if you have questions about selecting your courses.
  6. Select the 'Enrol' link in the Student Centre and Search for a class using the My Classes Offered functionality. This function will display, by term, only the courses that are offered in your program. See the step by step details on how to enrol in courses offered by your program.

For more information on how to enrol in courses via RAMSS, see RAMSS Support.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the Fall and Winter terms are charged based on your course enrolments and can be viewed on RAMSS in August. If you are interested in knowing how much your fees are, before you have enrolled in courses and had your fees confirmed on RAMSS, you can check the Undergraduate Fees by Program.

As tuition and fees are charged based on your course enrolments, adding or dropping courses may impact your tuition fees. If you are making changes to your enrolments after paying your fees or receiving OSAP funding, view your RAMSS account for fee changes, and pay any outstanding fees by the appropriate deadline.

  • September 7, 2018: Tuition and fees for the Fall Term due.
  • January 11, 2019: Tuition and fees for the Winter Term due.

Visit Fee Payments for information on how to pay your fees.

OSAP and Scholarships

If you were awarded an Entrance Scholarship, it will be applied to your student account in late August.

Need financial assistance to help with school and living costs? You may qualify for OSAP. You can create an OSAP application by visiting the OSAP website, external link.

If you receive  OSAP funding, your funds will be directed to your Ryerson account and will be applied to your fees, and any remaining funds will be deposited into your bank account.

More information about OSAP is available online, external link.

Undergraduate Calendar

The Undergraduate Calendar is your official source for Ryerson program and course information, academic information and policies, and significant dates.

Full-time undergraduate students are responsible for accessing the new online Undergraduate Calendar at each year, and follow the curriculum for their program as stated. Part-time undergraduate students must complete the curriculum for their program as set out in the edition of the Undergraduate Calendar of the year they were admitted to their program, unless stated otherwise.

Student Guide

The Undergraduate Student Guide is a companion to the Undergraduate Calendar. The Guide summarizes Ryerson's policies and procedures, and is divided into sections outlining the types of business you may need to conduct at different times of the year. For example, there are sections on how to 'add' and 'swap' classes, graduation requirements, examinations, fees, services to help you succeed, and more!

The 2018-2019 Student Guide will be available soon!

Starting August 1, new students' Ryerson online identity will reflect their current student status. At this time, students will be able to access their Ryerson email, Google Apps, Blackboard and current student features on RAMSS.

If you activated your online identity prior to August 1, you will be required to select a Ryerson username and email address the first time you log into after August 1. Once you have established a Ryerson username, you will login using your username instead of your Ryerson Student ID Number.

A negative balance implies that you have a credit in your Student Fees Account. If you have a negative balance, you have two options:

Leave the credit in your Student Financial Account to be applied to future fees & charges,
Request a refund cheque to be issued by the Student Fees office. The cheque will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to be issued and mailed to the address you have recorded in RAMSS.

Your tuition deposit, due by June 8, 2018, will apply to your tuition and fees account. The remaining Fall Term tuition and fees are due September 7, 2018 and your Winter Term tuition and fees are due by January 11, 2019. You can pay the full year fees in September if you like. Additional information about full fees is available at Fees & Finances.

Undergraduate tuition fees are billed on a per term basis. There is no deferral fee charged to students who chose to pay their Winter fees in January. The fees for your Fall courses are due by September 8, 2017 and the fees for your Winter courses are due by January 12, 2018. You can pay the full year fees in September if you like. Additional information about full fees is available at Fees & Finances.

All payments must be made in Canadian funds via one of the following methods:

  • Internet banking
  • Telephone banking
  • International bank draft or money order, Western Union
  • Certified cheque
  • Debit card (in person only)

Please note: Post-dated cheques will not be accepted. Payment by credit card is not an option. For more information on payment methods, please visit Fees & Finances - Ways to Pay.

Your Enrolment Appointment is an online appointment through RAMSS ( that enables you to make changes to your schedule for the term (adds, drops and swaps) prior to the Open Enrolment period.

You may select (and review) your Winter course intentions during the Course Intention Adjustment period. This includes any required and electrive/Liberal Studies courses.

Please see Course Intentions for complete information on the Course Intention Process.

The start date/time and end date/time for your enrolment appointment(s) will be displayed in your Student Center in RAMSS ( Use View Your Enrolment Appointment to confirm your appointment schedule for enrolment activities.

Full-time program, first-year students who confirm an Offer of Admission by July 21st will be automatically enrolled in their required Fall Term courses. During their enrolment appointment, they may be required to enrol in Liberal Studies courses as per program curriculum outlined in the current Undergraduate Calendar, and may need to adjust their required course enrolments if Transfer Credits were received.

See the Enrolment and Fees tab for more information on course enrolment and dates. See Transfer Credits Next Steps for details on how granted Transfer Credits impact your course schedule.

To determine if you require a Liberal Studies Course, please consult the current Undergraduate Calendar.

If the course is full, please continue checking course availability as spaces may open up closer to the start date of the class. If you have difficulties enrolling in your required courses, please contact your program department for assistance. However liberal electives are filled on a first come, first served basis.

See Academic Contacts for an Undergraduate Program Advisor list.

Classes that are full and have the wait list option will be indicated with a yellow triangle symbol. Please see Wait Lists for complete information on how to use the Wait List functionality.

If you experience problems enrolling in your required courses, please contact your program department for further assistance. However, Liberal Studies electives are filled on a first come, first served basis.

See Academic Contacts for an Undergraduate Program Advisor list.

Students have access to their class schedules on RAMSS ( Please refer to your Weekly Schedule in your Student Center.

Please ensure that you are looking at the correct dates. Some of the classes commence earlier and they are showing up on “This Week’s Schedule” on the main page of RAMSS. Classes that commence later will appear in next week's schedule. Please access this information by clicking into "weekly schedule", and change the dates to appropriate start dates of the courses.

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