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Meet Our Students

Ryerson, like Toronto, is an exceptionally multicultural community, rich with a diversity of perspectives, cultures and opportunities. Meet some of our international students and learn about their experiences abroad in Canada.


"Ryerson helped me envision the endless heights I could achieve."

-Paurali Rahevar

Middle East

"Ryerson University really invests in the students that are on campus."

-Ramsha Naeem

United States

"It's a totally different campus."

-David Kwok


"Ryerson is more than a school. It's a big community."

-Daniel Duke

Latin America

"There’s a lot of opportunity, a lot of technology and a lot of people to meet."

-Alejandros Flores


"They take a lot of pride in... giving students this hands-on experience."

-Alisha Darayam


"Ryerson is a great university. It’s just so multicultural and diverse."

-Evgeniya Zhuravleva


"[Ryerson's] academic resources helped me succeed."

-Ashleigh Bryde-Hennessy

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