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Student Spotlight: Alejandros Flores

International student from El Salvador Alejandros Flores

My Journey to Ryerson

"Students should come to Ryerson from Latin America because there’s a lot of opportunity, a lot of technology and a lot of people to meet. The diversity is so big, that you have chances and ideas coming from everywhere!"

Alejandro Flores, New Media, International student from El Salvador

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From El Salvador to Canada

Join students from around the world and put your ideas - and your education - into action at Ryerson. We offer an education that combines academic rigour with relevant, practical experience in the heart of Toronto, one of Canada’s most vibrant urban centres. What you learn in our classrooms is enhanced by real-world knowledge through internships, co-ops, zone learning and specialized minors.

Ryerson reflects the diversity of the city we call home and is a rich multicultural community that hosts many perspectives, cultures and opportunities. Our students call over 146 countries home, and you’ll be surrounded by different opinions and backgrounds to help shape your worldview. We invite you to learn more about our programs, our external,students and our community.

What We Have to Offer

ESL Foundation Program

We are committed to seeing you succeed during your first year at Ryerson. That is why we offer the ESL Foundation Program for students who are academically qualified to apply for admission to an undergraduate program, but do not meet the minimum English proficiency requirements.

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