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As part of its Aboriginal Postsecondary Education and Training Action Plan, Ryerson University established a University Advisory Council on Aboriginal Issues and Education (Aboriginal Education Council) in 2010. Aboriginal people include First Nations (status and non-status); Métis, and Inuit.


The vision of the Aboriginal Education Council is to ensure that the next seven generations of Aboriginal people will have greater opportunities and success in education at Ryerson University through initiatives that are driven by Aboriginal needs and values.


The goal of the Council is to participate in the process of developing a new relationship of truth and reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people at Ryerson and in the community at large, based on knowledge and respect. 

Work of the Council

The Council’s work includes a focus on the following:

  • Implementation of the Ryerson University Postsecondary Education and Training Action Plan
  • Student recruitment, retention and engagement
  • Imbedding Aboriginal knowledges and other content throughout the University, campus, curriculum and community
  • Staff and faculty recruitment, retention and engagement/support, including research support for faculty