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Professional Master's Diploma:

Since September 2014, Ryerson University has offered a graduate level diploma program in the filed of Aerospace Design Management. The program is aimed at engineers or other technical professionals who wish to advance their careers in aerospace or move into the sector without the commitment to a full Master's degree. The program provides understanding of current aircraft certification regulations, reliability analysis, aircraft systems integration, and advanced manufacturing process. The diploma program is offered from September to April and consists of four courses, with each one running one day per week for twelve consecutive weeks. Courses are provided in the early evening in order to accommodate the schedules of those presently employed. Program courses were created in consultation with the Canadian aerospace industry and with consideration of aircraft certification regulations required by Canadian law. Individuals interested in more information are encouraged to contact the Department of Aerospace Engineering using the information below. Brief descriptions of the subject content of program courses are as follows:

AE 81XX Aircraft Airworthiness and Certification:
The objective of this course is to give an understanding of the aircraft certification process in Canada, the oversight structure, and the relationship between aircraft certification in Canada and jurisdictions throughout the world. The course will concentrate on the role of Transport Canada in regulation and design approval structure within large aerospace manufacturers in Canada.

AE 81XY Aircraft Reliability:
Assessing aircraft reliability is an integral part in the aircraft certification process. This course provides an understanding if Reliability, Maintainability, and Safety (RMS) principles, and highlights role of RMS in aircraft design for certification of airworthiness. The course covers the mathematics of reliability analysis, failure modes, and fault-tree analysis. Safety assessment procedures are examined in the context of real-world examples.

AE 81YX Aircraft Systems Integration:
This course introduces integration of many key systems found in the design of an aircraft. The course will examine flight control systems, propulsion systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, environmental systems, avionic systems and safety systems. The course will consider system integration in the context of system reliability.

AE 8141 Advanced Aircraft Manufacturing:
Aerospace manufacturing systems will be introduced at both the system and the machine level. The system level includes conventional systems and emerging systems in terms of product quantity and variety. The machine level includes computer controlled machines and robots. The course will also cover topics on constraints and requirements placed on Aerospace Manufacturing due to regulatory agencies concerned with Aircraft certification and airworthiness.

Contact: Ms. Leah Rogan
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Ryerson University
Email:, phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 7733


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