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Aerospace Engineering Thesis (AER870)



The student is provided with an opportunity for independent work on an individual aerospace engineering project, on a topic that has been determined by a faculty advisor to be academically challenging and suitable in scope. The work carried our may be some combination of research, analytical development, experiment or design, but must include the latter to be at least 20% of the project content. The student will be required to defend the project via technical report and oral presentation.


Enrolled Students

Please visit AER870 Blackboard for key dates and downloadable course materials (when the course is in a session).


Prospective Students

AER 870 is an elective course offered in the winter semester of the fourth year with participation limited to two (2) students per professor (thesis advisor). Interested students should review the currently offered Thesis Topic List and contact the listed professor. As mor students may apply than are allowed to take the course, each professor will consider the suitability and background of the candidates and select accordingly. An interview and possibly a short written project may be requested by the professor as part of the selection process.

The project selection process should occur in March or early April. When the faculty advisor has agreed to accept a student, the student should fill out a Thesis Proposal Form that is signed by both the student and professor and submitted to the Aerospace Department Office to initiate enrollment in the course.

For on-line early registration, all students, even those who expect to have a thesis project, should register in one of the alternative electives AER 818, AER 821 or AER 827. Students who are ultimately accepted for a thesis project are then dropped from that course and then registered in AER 870.

Thesis Form

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