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Industrial Internship Program (IIP)


Third year students with a 3.0 CGPA may apply for the internship jobs advertised over the student listserv. If selected by one of the partner corporations, an intern student spends a period of   12 - 16 months, from May to September of the following year, as engineering interns at the corresponding corporations. After the completion of the industrial internship, students return to the academic program to complete their final year of study. Enrollment in the IIP extends the program to five years.

The IIP student will be registered by the Department in the course WKT89A/B Industrial Internship Program during the academic year in which they work as interns. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis. A PSD grade has no numerical value and is not included in a student's grade point average; a failure is graded as an 'F' and is included in a student's grade point average. Participation and successful completion of the IIP, however, appears in the student's academic transcript.

Instructions for Third Year Students:

In order to get an internship position, the following needs to be done by you:

  • The jobs are advertised over the student listserv as they come. Most often this happens December through February.
  • Prepare a cover letter and resume specific to the job. You may consult the career centre for professional help for cover letter and resume preparations. (Remember your student fees pay for these services, and you are advised to make use of the professional services you pay for!)
  • Some companies require unofficial transcript. This information request will be included on the job posting.
  • Submit the cover letter and resume to the Departmental Assistant at the Department of Aerospace Engineering (ENG170) by the deadline, as stated on the job posting.
  • Your completed application/resume will be forwarded to the company.
    You will be contacted if selected for an interview
  • Attend the job interview punctually as appointed. If you are successful, the company will issue a letter of job offer which essentially states your job position, duties, start date and end date or time duration of the internship, and your salary. Salary varies from company to company.
  • If the offer is agreeable to you, sign your acceptance on the job offer letter. Keep one copy of the signed letter, mail one copy to the company if required, and hand one copy to the Department of Aerospace Engineering. This confirms you have obtained an internship position.
  • Once your signed offer has been received by the Department, you will be registered by the department in this course, WKT89A/B.
  • Note: You are given one-year experience credit towards your Professional Engineer status on graduation.
  • During your internship, Dr. Jeff Xi, IIP Coordinator, will visit you on-site to monitor your progress.  Upon completion for your internship, you are required to submit a report outlining the activities/projects undertaken within the company. 
  • Submission of this report is necessary to fulfill the requirements of WKT89A/B.
  • Submission of this report must be completed in order to complete WK89A/B.
  • If a student is offered an internship position from a company (through his/her own contacts) that is NOT POSTED in the department, the student must contact Dr. Jeff Xi to discuss the proposed position and ensure that it fits within the internship requirements
  • The same procedures for registration, on-site visit, and submission of a report apply to these positions.