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International Collaboration


Canadian/European Aerospace Universities' Student Exchange Program (CESAer)

The objective of the Canada-European Union Student Exchange Program in Aerospace Engineering (CESAer) is to promote transatlantic mobility and international exposure of Aerospace Engineering students for strengthening their ability to make both technical and managerial contributions to international aerospace projects. The program will enable the exchange of 28 graduate students from Canada and 28 graduate students from Europe (M.A.Sc. and Ph.D.) in total, and give international dimension to their thesis work and research. Up to 7 Ryerson University graduate aerospace engineering students in total may take part, spending one academic term abroad (4 to 6 months). The Canadian partners in this initiative are Carleton University (lead institution for Canadian consortium), Concordia University, University of Toronto, and Ryerson University. The European Union partners are the University of Glasgow (lead institution for European consortium), Technical University of Delft, Technical University of Munich, and Czech Technical University of Prague. This effort falls under the umbrella of the Canada-European Union Program for Co-operation in Higher Education and Vocational Training, managed in part through Human Resources and Skill Development Canada.


Agreements with the Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea

In December 2006, Ryerson signed a five year agreement with Konkuk University to admit Ph.D. students in the Aerospace Engineering program. This program is supported by the University through their successful grant, BK21, funded by the South Korean Government. The students must apply for admission to the School of Graduate Studies of Ryerson and meet the required criteria for admission. If admitted, the Department will provide supervision for these students.

On another front, Ryerson has signed an agreement with Konkuk to admit undergraduate Aerospace Engineering students after completing their 2nd year of program. The students will be admitted in winter semesters and go through a transition term to complete the required prerequisites before starting their 3rd year.


Internship Students Agreement with ESTACA University in Paris, France

In November 2007, an agreement was signed between Ryerson and ESTACA to exchange Aerospace Engineering students at the undergraduate level between the two universities. Based on this agreement, ESTACA will provide internship opportunity for the aerospace engineering students working in EU aerospace companies. On the other hand, RIADI will provide similar opportunity for ESTACA students. 

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