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The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project

Akua and Sheldon

The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project was instituted by Ryerson University’s President, Sheldon Levy, to honour the tremendous contributions of activist, academic and community leader Dr. Akua Benjamin. The primary objectives of the legacy project are to host an annual Akua Benjamin Public Lecture and organize an Anti-Black Racism Conference.

The Akua Benjamin Public Lecture focuses on anti-Black racism and resistance, and seeks to instill a sense of history and pride for the significant contributions of Black Canadians to the younger generation of activists and/or activists-to-be. The overall goal is to promote the kind of educational work and activism that builds a just, inclusive community and society.

The Anti-Black Racism Conference aims to promote dialogue and critical reflection aimed at mobilizing for change and policy effectiveness, share research and advance understandings, develop shared practices of resilience that resist the harms of anti-Black racism, and advance anti-Black racism theory and research.