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Alumni FAQ

What is an Alumnus/a?

An alumnus (masculine) or alumna (feminine) is a former student who has completed a degree, diploma or certificate.

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What is an Alumnus/a-non grad?

At Ryerson, we consider anyone who has completed the equivalent of one-year full-time studies of a degree program, and who is not a current student, to be an alumnus non-grad if their graduating class has convocated.

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What are the advantages of being an Alumnus/a?

There are many advantages of being an alumnus/a such as: group rates offered by our affinity partners; our alumni discount programevents organized by our Alumni Groups or by Alumni Relations.

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How do I join / create an association (Alumni Groups)?

To start your own Association or to join a group, please visit the Alumni Groups page to get more information. If you want to create a group and you do not see it listed on that page, please contact Jennifer Hicks.

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What can Alumni do to help shape Ryerson University?

Alumni can help in many ways to shape Ryerson University. You can volunteer your time during our alumni events, donate to an area of your choice, get involved as an alumni Board of Governors rep or more. Please visit the Update Your Information page for more information.

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Where can I order transcripts?

The Registrar’s Office processes transcripts (and letters if you require a proof that you've attended Ryerson or passed your course). For full details on how to obtain your transcripts, please visit How to Request My Official Transcript.

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How can I reunite or get in contact with an old friend / classmate?

Simply contact the Alumni Office and tell us that you would like to 'find a friend' and we will take down your contact information, and pass it along to the person you're looking for (if we have their valid information).

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How do I coordinate a reunion?

To coordinate a reunion or to inquire if one has started, please contact the Alumni Office. If you need guidelines about starting a reunion, visit our Reunion Planning page, and note that it is a great idea to host a reunion during Alumni Weekend.

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Can alumni use the Ryerson career centre?

Yes. Career services for alumni are offered by the Career Development and Employment Centre. Alumni within five years of graduation can take advantage of these services free of charge:

  • One to one appointments with a faculty-specific Career Consultant. Topics that alumni can get assistance with include job search, resume & cover letter, online profile advising, career advising, and interview skills 
  • LinkedIn and Magnet profile advising appointments
  • Free LinkedIn and Magnet profile pictures 
  • Workshops and Career Chats

Alumni who graduated more than five years ago can access all these services, but will be asked to pay a small fee of $50 for the Career Consultant appointment only. 

For more information visit the Career Centre website or contact Ian Ingles, Operations Manager, Career Centre Ryerson University at or 416.979.5000 x6620.

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How can I remove my name from the alumni mailing / email / call list?

To remove your name, please send an email to Research and Records department at or visit the Update Your Information page and submit in the comments, that you would like to be taken off the email/mailing/call list. By doing this you will not receive anything from our department, including the Ryerson University magazine. However, if you'd like to receive the Alumni magazine, but not affinity mailings, or calls from the fundraising department please put that in the comment field.

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How can I update my address?

Visit: Update Your Information page or contact the Alumni Office.

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How long will I have access to RAMSS/

As an alumnus/a you have access to RAMSS/ for life. For up to five years after your last class enrollment, you may log into using your my.ryerson username and password. After 5 years, you may log into using your student number as your username. Even alumni who have never activated their account are eligible to access RAMSS, but they must first activate their account:

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How long do I have access to my Ryerson email account?

You will have access to your email for one year after your last date of enrollment. All alumni can take advantage of the Alumni Gmail-for-life program, to extend access to Ryerson gmail on an annual basis. See full details on how to register for Gmail-for-life.

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I'm an alumnus/a and would like to use the RAC and/or MAC, can I still join?

Yes! Ryerson Alumni receive a 25% discount on gym memberships, which includes access to the Ryerson University Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC) and Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) facilities and all group fitness classes. Visit the Recreation and Athletics Centre at Ryerson for more information. To get this rate, identify yourself as alumni at the time of registration.

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I graduated before Ryerson became a university. Can I get my degree certificate updated with Ryerson University on it?

If your original academic award document says Ryerson Institute of Technology, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute or Ryerson Polytechnic University, you can apply to replace it with a new document that says Ryerson University. For more information on having your award document amended contact Curriculum Advising and click on Graduation Award Document Reissues.

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The degree designation has changed for my program. Can I get my degree certificate updated with the new designation?

You may be able to do this. For more information and to find out if you're eligible for a degree amendment contact Curriculum Advising at 416-979-5151 and ask to be connected to the Curriculum Advising Officer for your program or email Please have your student ID number ready.

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I've graduated, can I still use the Ryerson library and Archives?

Yes! Ryerson Alumni can sign up for an alumni membership at the Ryerson Library. Please visit the main desk, self identify as alumni and Library Services staff will verify your status. Alumni will be required to present a government issued ID. If you have an old Alumni Card, you can also use this to verify your status. For full details regarding alumni library privileges visit:, call (416) 979-5055, or send an email to

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How can I verify what degree I graduated with from Ryerson?

You can use the Degree Verification Service. The Degree Verification Service is an online service which confirms whether or not a degree (undergraduate or graduate) and/or a certificate has been received from Ryerson University. It will also specify the type of degree or certificate and the year in which it was received. The Degree Verification Service relies on information available in the Student Administration System. There are students whose degree information may not be available in electronic format. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, students who graduated prior to 1984.
To use this service visit:

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