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University Advancement | January 2018  


Alex Gill's 2018 Predictions

Alex Gill


Alex Gill
Social Innovator in Residence
Director and Co-founder, SocialVentures Zone, Ryerson University


  1. Long-buried social issues will continue to come into the messy light of day. In 2017 we saw a range of social issues that we have treated as “normal” for too long come into a new and critical focus. This trend will continue at the same rapid pace in 2018, and my hope is that issues we have dismissed as too complex and intractable to address (homelessness, anyone?) may get an infusion of new thinking and momentum for real change.
  2. Predictability will become unpredictable. A funny prediction for a piece on predictions, but we are living in an age where predicting anything with certainty is a challenge. Polls can no longer predict elections, social media is spurring debates and conflict at a dizzying rate and even though our televisions and online feeds are full of 24-hr news pundits, does anyone really know what’s going to happen? Make your own crazy prediction and you too can be an expert with a good chance of your predictions coming true.
  3. Celebrity will continue to move into the mainstream, leaving rationality behind. The melding of entertainment and reality that kicked into high gear with the election of Donald Trump will continue throughout 2018. Now that Americans are seriously talking about an Oprah presidential run, can a campaign promoting The Rock for head of the UN be far behind? Wrestling matches to decide key electoral races? A Game of Thrones themed Ontario provincial election? Who knows?



Alex Gill is a social entrepreneur who has taught part-time at Ryerson since 2005. He co-founded Ryerson’s social business incubator, the SocialVentures Zone, and serves as its first Director. Alex’s Toronto company, Mendicant Group, has worked on social issues in 16 different countries. He is a global advocate for social and entrepreneurial issues, having moderated the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance since 2010. In 2015 THIS Magazine named him as one of Canada’s “Social Justice All-Stars.” Follow Alex on Twitter at @alexgill for a mix of all things social and entrepreneurial, along with the occasional pun.