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University Advancement | April 2018  


Campus hangouts and hideaways



This year, in honour of Ryerson’s Double Anniversary, we asked alumni and current students to tell us about their favourite hangouts — those essential go-to spots on campus for peace and quiet, good friends and a laugh.

The RAC was high on the list of favourite hangouts for many people. Amanda Cupido, Journalism ’12 remembers, “My favourite place was the RAC. I was not only a varsity athlete, who commonly spent time there with my team, but I was also employed by the Ryerson Sports and Rec department and therefore spent many hours there.” The squash courts were it for Sonal Bhadane, Biomedical Physics MA ’12, “I used to relieve my stress just before or after my experiments in the lab.” For current student Tia Morrison, the RAC was where she got over her fear of running long distances, “I learned how to run 5K (slowly and steadily) on the indoor track without dying!”

Today students pack all 8 floors of the Student Learning Centre day and night to study, but Ryersonians who graduated before 2015 had to find other spots on campus. “As a part-time student, the library was my corner between work and classes. It had all the resources I needed and was very quiet,” says Danny Doobay, Public Administration & Governance ’97. Three time Ryerson graduate, Dr. Mehrnaz Shokrollahi, Electrical & Computer Engineering ’07; (MA) ’09; (PhD) ’15, spent her fair share of time in the library on the 8th floor, she remembers, “That floor had tons of windows, was very bright, and had a lot of space to study and do your work.” Aayaz Pira, Information Technology Management, Systems Development ’04 and his friends used to head for The Quad, “Thinking back, I’m not sure how much studying we actually got done there!”

When it came time to let off steam, Hana Bland remembers, “In the ’80s we lived for Thursday night pub nights in the basement of Oakham House (but not ’til after 10:00)!”

Terry O’Connor, Journalism ’58 and his friends’ spot was harder to find, “[There] was a small spare room we called The Hideout, tucked into a corner on the second floor of our Journalism Quonset hut, looking onto Gould Street. Groups of us gathered there during spare periods to talk, sing, forge new friendships — and sometimes study. Five of us formed a quintet featuring instruments that included comb and wax paper, an upturned waste basket and, literally, handmade trumpets.”

The Road Apples Quartet The aptly named Road Apples quartet in full swing in the Journalism "Hideout", circa 1957. Al Sokol on comb and wax paper; Barrie Zwicker on notepaper trombone; Don Hawkes on the hand trumpet; and Roly Harman on an upturned waste basket. Photo courtesy of Terry O'Connor, Journalism ’58.

Riley Kucheran, Arts and Contemporary Studies ’15 loved The Ram and the Rye, but now that he’s a graduate student, he’s branching out, “I'm often at Page One Café on Mutual Street, another new spot.”

We’ve only scratched the surface here! Find out where other Ryersonians spent their free time and share your own favourite campus hangout.