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University Advancement | September 2018  


A day in the life of campus

Photo of individuals sitting at coffee shop counter stools facing window adorned with Balzac’s logo.

Faculty, staff and students starting their day at Balzac’s, the coffee shop on Gould Street.
Photo by Ian Willms.


At 6:50 a.m., the busiest intersection in Toronto is still asleep, and the Ryerson campus is mostly empty. Walk along Gould Street and you might see a couple of residents from Pitman Hall looking for a bagel, or some early-bird students trying to get a head start on the
Library printers.

When Balzac’s opens at 7, there’s one person waiting to get a coffee. By 7:10 there are two, by 7:20 there are five, and by 8 the café is almost full. By then, the daily mix of business people, tourists, street preachers, and colourful characters have congregated around Yonge and Dundas. Ryerson wakes when Toronto wakes. Over the next few pages, spend a day on campus — find out what’s happening, and how it became possible. Few universities in Canada are as densely and seamlessly woven into a downtown core as Ryerson. As Toronto has grown and evolved, so has the university.

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