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University Advancement | September 2018  


Blog: Student housing through the ages

Vintage television and dresser stand beside bunk-style beds in a black and white image of a 1960s dormitory room in Oakham House.

A dorm room in Oakham House in the 1960s. Photo courtesy of the Ryerson University Archives.


This month marks the start of a new school year and for thousands of Ryerson students the first time living away from home. So it is fitting that for September’s blog we will look at student housing at Ryerson.

When Ryerson first opened in 1948, there was no campus housing for students. Students rented their own apartments, lived in rooming houses or in various YMCA or YWCA facilities. For the 1957-1958 school year Ryerson’s Students’ Administrative Council started a housing registry — to help students find accommodations in the city.

Read more about the early starts of on-campus housing and how many buildings that are now classrooms used to offer dormitory space.