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University Advancement | November 2018  


5 reasons to be a reunion coordinator this Alumni Weekend

Alumni Weekend Reunion

Ryerson Alumni Relations is looking for reunion coordinators for Alumni Weekend on May 3 & 4, 2019.


Are you curious where your classmates ended up, or would you like to reconnect but aren’t sure how to start? Consider becoming a reunion coordinator at this year’s Alumni Weekend. With all the events Alumni Relations plans for Alumni Weekend (May 3 & 4, 2019), we’ve made getting together easy! Graduating years ending in a 4 or a 9 mark a milestone year, and what better time to get together and celebrate all you’ve accomplished since graduation?

Here are five reasons why you should volunteer to be a reunion coordinator!

1. To (actually) see and reconnect with old friends

Sure, social media makes it easier than ever to stay in touch, but there’s nothing like a face-to-face get together with all those people that helped you through the trenches of university. See where your classmates have ended up and learn all they have gone on to do since they shared a classroom with you.

2. Rediscover Ryerson!

So much has changed since you were a student here! Our campus is always growing, new facilities are being built and our presence in downtown Toronto is expanding. Of course some of the old standbys like Kerr Hall are still here, so there’s still plenty that’s recognizable to spark reminiscing.

3. It’s really easy.

Because our office depends on reunion coordinators to bring their classmates together, we offer you tons of support to get things rolling. And figuring out your “itinerary” will be a snap — there are lots of great events happening on campus where you and your group can get together with ease.

4. It’s great for networking.

Catching up with old friends is fun, and you never know where you might make a connection that could grow your professional network or maybe even present a new opportunity for you.

5. We’ve made it family friendly!

This year we’ve added new kids-focused events to the schedule to ensure your future Ryersonian has lots to do while you catch up with old friends. Who knows, they may even make friends of their own!

Find out more about hosting a reunion from former reunion coordinators and get in touch with Adrianne Kenmir to find out how you can start planning your reunion today!