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University Advancement | March 2019  


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style

Steve Beauchesne, Business Management ’99, is the co-founder of Beau’s Beer and will host a talk and taste on May 4 during Alumni Weekend.

Steve Beauchesne, Business Management ’99, is the co-founder of Beau’s Beer and will host a talk and taste on May 4 during Alumni Weekend.


With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we caught up with co-founder and CEO of Beau’s Beer, Steve Beauchesne, Business Management ’99, for advice on hosting the ideal bash.


Beau’s Beer holds an annual St. Patrick’s Day party. Tell us about the preparation that goes into this event.

It takes months and months of planning and preparation to put on the Beau’s St. Patrick’s Day Party. We start with sourcing talent. We booked our first band for the event in July 2018. From there it’s all about working with the people within the brewery who help build and execute the event, alongside all of our partners outside the brewery’s walls. In 2018, we had 120 “Volunbeers” working alongside the 85 Beau’s employee-owners in order to execute the event. With 2,000 attendees and over 5,000L of beer on site, we need a solid team to ensure we have a safe and successful event.


Beau’s is an employee-owned enterprise. How is that reflected in your celebrations?

As mentioned above, 85 Beau’s employee-owners helped make-up the group that put on this great event last year. The irony of working for the brewery is that while everyone is celebrating, we are working our hardest to execute it all — but it’s worth it when we get to look around and see all the joy we are bringing to our family, friends and fans!


What tips can you offer your fellow alumni when planning their own St. Patrick’s Day parties?

There are a lot of things that make a great St. Patrick’s Day party, the first of which, in my mind, is beer. Outside of the beer, it’s about setting the right atmosphere with great music (book your talent early!), delicious Irish-inspired food, and your family and friends singing and dancing with you all night long. Remember to treat your guests like family and ensure everyone has a safe way home.


What is your favourite beer(s) to drink on March 17?

Beau’s Strong Patrick is our take on an Irish-style red ale, a classic from the Emerald Isle specific for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Our Partnership with Jameson made this beer extra special this year. A portion of each batch was barrel-aged in Jameson whiskey casks sent all the way from the distillery in Dublin which truly elevated the beer and added an authentic Irish experience and taste for our fans. Another staple is our Tom Green Beer! milk stout — stouts are a style that actually evolved from porters during the 19th century in Ireland.


What food goes best with your favourite brew?

If you find yourself sipping on a Strong Patrick and are looking for something more on the savory side, you should try a traditional-style lamb stew or a shepherd’s pie. If your sweet tooth is calling you, a great pairing option for this beer is gingerbread with applesauce.