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Sathish Bala

Sathish Bala

Computer Science ‘99
VP, Digital and Innovation, Arrivals+Departures, BlueBand Digital

While completing his last year, Sathish launched Spyder Designs with two other fellow students. This was the start to his passion for business and entrepreneurship. Building upon his entrepreneurial experience, he launched NewAge Inc in 2000. After seven years of great success with NewAge Inc., Sathish wanted to combine his passion for marketing with his background in technology. This unique combination of skills led to the establishment of BlueBand Digital, a turnkey digital marketing agency. Under his leadership, the agency grew to 40+, with offices in Toronto, Montreal, India and Costa Rica. BlueBand Digital acquired by longer term client Arrivals + Departures in 2016. His passion for music combined with his expertise in marketing has brought awareness to the talent of Canada’s South Asian musicians through his non-for-profit; desiFEST Music. A recognized leader in digital marketing and branding, Sathish is modernizing the advertising industry with his interdisciplinary approach.

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