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Selection Process

Alumni Relations administers the Alumni Achievement Awards in partnership with the RUAA. Announcements inviting nominations are communicated electronically to all alumni reachable via email, via the Alumni Relations website, and in the Alumni magazine.

Selection is based on the nominee’s accomplishments, as highlighted on the nomination form. Alumni Relations strives for diversity among award recipients. While letters of support, biography and list of accomplishments should clearly make the link between the nominee and the award for which he/she is being considered will be considered as additional supporting documents, it is important that nominees include all relevant information on the nomination form itself.

A selection committee appointed by Alumni Relations reviews all nominations and makes recommendations to the President of the University. The selection committee will review all nominations using a marking scheme assigning consistent marks to each criteria. These marking schemes will be distributed to the committee with the nominations. The selection committee shall include:

  • Vice President, University Advancement
  • Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations
  • Manager, Alumni Relations
  • Director of Nominations and Awards, RUAA
  • President, RUAA

The Selection Committee is not obligated to recommend a minimum number of awards, or a candidate for each award, if they feel that the standard has not been met.

The Selection Committee will forward a list of recommendations to the President for final approval. The decisions of the President are final and not subject to appeal.