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Ryerson Alumni Gmail for Life

Keep your Ryerson pride and connections beyond graduation with a permanent Ryerson email address. As alumni, you can retain your address by renewing it yearly.

To opt-in for Alumni Gmail for Life, you’ll need to access the portal.

If you graduated in or after 2012 and currently have an account, you will automatically receive a renewal link via email. If you didn’t receive the renewal link or if it’s expired, you can still renew by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to
  2. Under the Self Service section, choose Personal Account. Find the Preferences section and click Renew Mail Access.

If you graduated before 2012 and do not currently have an address or cannot remember your login credentials for, please review these FAQs. 

I've never used "", how can I sign up for my Alumni Gmail for Life address?

If you have never used before, you must:

1. Activate your online identity You’ll need your student number to complete this process. If you don’t remember it call the Registrar’s Office at 416-979-5036.

2. Login to with your student number and the password you created when you activated your online identity.

3. Under the Self Service section, choose Personal Account. Find the Preferences section and click Renew Mail Access.

How can I retrieve my "" username or password?

If you have used before and are experiencing issues with your username or password:

  • Check to see that you’re using the correct portion of your my.ryerson username, e.g. if your email address is, be sure to only enter “myname” in the username field.
  • Try logging in with your student number instead. If you don’t remember it call the Registrar’s Office at 416-979-5036.
  • Change your password using the challenge phrase or contact the CCS Help Desk at / 416-979-5000, ext. 6806.
I'm still having access issues, who can I contact for support?

Contact the CCS Help Desk at / 416-979-5000, ext. 6806.

Who qualifies for Alumni Gmail for Life?

This service is available to Ryerson graduates who have received degrees, diplomas or certificates from Ryerson Institute of Technology, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Ryerson Polytechnic University or Ryerson University and who are no longer registered as students.