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Intersections: The World According to Trump: US Foreign Policy and a New Global Order

Intersections: Mind + Action on the Road Series hosted by Alumni Relations



In many respects, the Presidency of Donald Trump already ranks as one of the most controversial in American history. Rocked by a number of scandals and defections since he took office, the Trump administration has, for some, become a constant source of embarrassment and grave concern. Through his Twitter tirades, bombastic rhetoric, and combative nature, Trump has polarized the American polity in dramatic fashion, revealing fundamental social, philosophical, and political divisions in the Republic. To his detractors he is grossly incompetent, potentially criminal, and a dangerous American nationalist. Yet to his supporters, he is nothing short of a Saviour: deeply committed to the reasserting the economic, military, and political power of the United States in making America, “great again”. Whether it’s calling out “ungrateful” allies in NATO to do more, “standing up” to an aggressive China on trade, or threatening North Korea’s “Rocket Man” with war, Trump is seen by some as a confident realist: standing up to dictatorships and reshaping a failed international order premised on antiquated liberal ideals.

This talk will look at Trump’s foreign policy, both with respect its formulation and the consequences it has had on the world order today. By looking at the decision-making players and processes involved, as well as the specific dynamics of prominent international conflicts it confronts, a better understanding of the Trump administration’s foreign policy — and, indeed, “the Donald” himself — can be achieved.

Speaker: Dr. Arne Kislenko, Associate Professor of History, Ryerson University

Bio: Dr. Arne Kislenko has been recognized widely for his teaching skills, including being awarded the prestigious 3M National Teaching Fellowship in 2011. He was named the “Best Lecturer in Ontario” by TV Ontario viewers following the first Big Ideas “Academic Idol” television series in 2005. He also received Ryerson University’s first President’s Teaching Award (2007), the Ontario government’s inaugural Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award (LIFT) (2007), and was inducted as an Honorary Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society (2006).


The Lake House
600 Liverpool Road,
Pickering, ON
Map and Directions

Light refreshments will be available.

This event is part of Intersections: Mind and Action on the Road, a new speaker series for alumni that brings Ryerson experts to various areas of the GTA to speak about the most pressing issues of the day.
  • WHAT:
    Intersections: The World According to Trump: US Foreign Policy and a New Global Order
  • DATE:
    October 18 2018
  • TIME:
    7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • WHERE:
    Pickering, ON
    Cynthia Wilchynski
    Tel: 416-979-5000 ext 2147