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Associations are formed around an academic affiliation.

Faculty of Arts


RU Economics Alumni Website

Economics Alumni Contact Email Economics Alumni LinkedIn Website Economics Alumni Twitter Account  Economics Alumni Facebook Page



English Alumni Contact Email

Public Policy & Administration

Politics & Public Administration Alumni Website

Politics Contact Email Ryerson University Public Policy and Administration Alumni Association (RUPPAAA) LinkedIn 
Public Policy and Administration Alumni Association Facebook Account

Faculty of Community Services

Child & Youth Care


Child & Youth Care Alumni Contact Email Child & Youth Care Alumni Twitter Account

Disability Studies

RU Disability Studies Alumni Website

Disability Studies Alumni Contact Email

Early Childhood Studies MA


Early Childhood Studies MA Contact Email



Ryerson Nursing Contact Email Ryerson Nursing Twitter Account Ryerson Nursing Facebook Account

Social Work


RPAA Contact Email Social Work LinkedIn Website Social Work Twitter Account Social Work Facebook Account

Urban & Regional

RU Urban and Regional Planning Website

RPAA Contact Email RPAA LinkedIn Website RPAA Twitter Account RPAA Facebook Account RPAA Instagram profile

Faculty of Communication and Design

Creative Industries


Creative Industries Email Creative Industries Alumni Instagram profile Creative Industries Alumni Facebook Account


RU Journalism Alumni Website

Journalism Alumni Contact Email Journalism Alumni LinkedIn Website  Journalism Alumni Twitter Account Journalism Alumni Facebook Account

Image Arts

Image Arts Alumni Association Website

Image Arts Alumni Contact Email Image Arts LinkedIn Image Arts Twitter Account Image Arts Facebook Account

Interior Design

Interior Design Alumni Website

Interior Design Alumni Contact Email Interior Design Alumni LinkedIn Website  Interior Design Alumni Twitter Account Child & Youth Care Alumni Facebook Account

Professional Communications

Professional Communications
Alumni Website

Professional Communications Contact Email Professional Communications Alumni LinkedIn Website Professional Communications Facebook Account

Radio & Television Arts

Radio & Television Arts Alumni Website

RTAA Contact Email RTAA LinkedIn Website RTAA Twitter Account RTAA Facebook Account

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science



RU Engineering Alumni Contact Email RU Engineering Alumni LinkedIn Group RU Engineering Alumni Facebook Account

Faculty of Science
Ted Rogers School of Management

Accounting and Finance


Accounting and Finance Email Accounting and Finance Alumni LinkedIn Website Accounting and Finance Alumni Instagram profile


RU Business Alumni Website

Business Alumni Contact Email Business Alumni LinkedIn Website Business Alumni Twitter Account Business Alumni Facebook Account



Entrepreneurship Email

Health Services Management


Health Services Management Contact Email

Hospitality & Tourism

TRSM Hospitality & Tourism
Alumni Website

Hospitality & Tourism Alumni Contact Email Hospitality & Tourism Alumni LinkedIn Website Hospitality & Tourism Alumni Twitter Account Hospitality & Tourism Alumni Facebook Account

Human Resources


Human Resources Alumni Contact Email Human Resources Alumni LinkedIn Website Human Resources Alumni Twitter Account Human Resources Alumni Facebook Account

Law and Business


Law and Business Contact Email Law and Business Linkedin Website Law and Business Facebook Account

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


MBA Facebook Account

Retail Management


Ryerson Retail Alumni Contact Email Ryerson Retail Alumni LinkedIn Website Ryerson Retail Alumni Twitter Account Ryerson Retail Alumni Facebook Account

Contact for Further Information

Adrianne Kenmir
Alumni Relations Officer
416-979-5000, ext. 7863