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Member Profiles



Dr. Eileen Antone (Co-Chair)

Eileen AntoneDr. Eileen Antone a member of the Oneida of the Thames First Nation is a faculty member in the Transitional Year Programme of the University of Toronto where the primary focus of her work is with Aboriginal students achieving university studies. Dr. Antone is also a faculty member in the department of Adult Education, Community Development, and Counselling Psychology. Eileen has many years of experience with Aboriginal communities and organizations, both as a committee member and as a concerned individual advocating for Aboriginal perspectives. She was appointed Director of Aboriginal Studies at the University of Toronto on July 1, 2007.

During her academic career the scholarly subject of her research, professional writing, teaching and field development has been Aboriginal knowledge and traditional ways of being.

Dr. Antone’s research is in Aboriginal Literacy which she has found must be firmly rooted in the traditions of Aboriginal people. The traditions of Aboriginal people continue to be applicable today in the twenty–first century. She found through her research that Aboriginal literacy facilitates the development of self-determination, affirmation, achievement and sense of purpose. She is determined that Aboriginal Studies will continue to offer the same kind of development for the students who choose to learn about the Aboriginal People in Canada.

Dr. Grace-Edward Galabuzi (Co-Chair)

Grace-Edward GalabuziGrace-Edward Galabuzi is an Associate Professor in the Politics and Public Administration Department, Ryerson University, Toronto and a Research Associate at the Centre for Social Justice in Toronto. He holds a PhD in Political Science from York University. He is the Author of Canada's Economic Apartheid: The Social Exclusion of Racialized Groups in the New Century (CSPI, 2006) and co-editor of Race and Racialization: Essential Readings (CSPI, 2007). His research interests include the experiences of recent immigrants and racialized groups in the Canadian labour market, the racialization of poverty, social exclusion and the impact of global economic restructuring on local communities. He is also an active member of the social justice community in Toronto and has been involved in a variety of social justice campaigns. He is a member of the United Way of Toronto Board of Trustees and its Policy, Planning and Research committee, a board member of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation, the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. He is a founder member of the African Music Festival in Toronto.




Rona Abramovitch (Administration)

Rona AbramovitchRona Abramovitch received her doctorate in Developmental Psychology from the University of Minnesota and then taught and did research in developmental psychology on the Mississauga campus of the University of Toronto for many years. 

She then served as the Status of Women Officer for the University and as the Director of the Transitional Year Program (TYP) at U of T.    In the midst of her work at TYP she was the Provost’s Adviser on Proactive Faculty Recruitment and the Provost’s Adviser on Student Outreach and Access. 

In July 2006 she left the University of Toronto to take up a position at Ryerson University as Advisor on Outreach and Access, Office of the Provost and Vice President.


Mandissa Arlain (Staff)

Mandissa ArlainMandissa Arlain works as a library technician at the Ryerson University Library. She's an OPSEU member and also serves as a steward in her local. She’s also a member of OPSEU’s Workers of Colour’ caucus, whose mandate in part is to address issues of discrimination and representation within the union and in society at large. Mandissa considers her appointment on the ARC Taskforce to be both a privilege and a responsibility and will be proud if the work of the taskforce results in a more inclusive space for even one member of the Ryerson community.

Carlos Flores (Student)


Cyesha Forde (Student)

Cyesha FordeCyesha is a fourth year Business Management student studying Human Resources. Her volunteer activities include being the youngest board member to serve on the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto Board where they promote the development of new co-ops. She is also the events coordinator for the Urban Hip Hop Union.


Olivene Green (Staff)

Olivene GreenOlivene Greene works in Ryerson Food Services. She is an OPSEU member and works on building relations among her fellow workers in her local.  She enjoys serving the Ryerson community and usually finds herself engaged in conversations with those who visit her stand in the cafeteria.  Olivene is passionate about contributing to an inclusive workplace and continues to promote equity in the workplace.  She has worked with the Chester Lee Anti-Racism Board, working on issues of housing for immigrants and income support.


Salmaan Khan (Student)

Salmaan KhanSalmaan is currently a 4th year Politics student doing a minor in Criminal Justice. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, He migrated to Canada 8 years ago. Salmaan enjoys sports and has been a member of the Brampton Track Club (2005-2007) and Ryerson Varsity Track team (2007-2008). Salmaan is also a member of the Bramalea Boxing Club. At present, He is the policy advisor for STAND Ryerson and Executive on EAST Ryerson.



Ruth Koleszar-Green (Staff)

Ruth Koleszar-GreenRuth works as the Aboriginal Academic Support Advisor at Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services. Ruth is a Mohawk woman and a member of the Turtle clan. She has been a member of the Ryerson community for six years now. First as an Undergraduate, then as a Master student and a sessional instructor in the School of Social Work and now as a staff member. Ruth is committed to working on this Task-force to ensure that our campus is a safe and respectful space for Aboriginal peoples, peoples of Colour and all marginalized groups.


Lynn Lavalee (Faculty)

Lynn LavaleeLynn joined the faculty at Ryerson's School of Social Work in August 2005. Lynn is of Algonquin, Cree and French ancestry. Her father was from Temiscaming, Quebec and her mother from Timmins, Ontario. Lynn was born in Sudbury and has lived in Toronto since her teens. Lynn holds an honours BA in Psychology and Kinesiology from York University and an MSc in Community Health from the University of Toronto. She completed her PhD at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Social Work. Her research interests include Indigenous health, cultural, sport and recreation programs, Indigenous epistemology, and Indigenous research methods. She is passionate about bringing Indigenous ways of knowing into the academy, both through teaching, research and service.


John Miller (Faculty)

John MillerJohn Miller is associate chair of the School of Journalism and a professor at Ryerson since 1986. His research on diversity and the media led him to create a mandatory course for journalism students that earned his school the 2003 national Award of Excellence from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. His 1998 book Yesterday's News (Fernwood) offered a critique of Canadian daily newspapers.



Judy Rebick (Faculty)

Judy RebickAt the undergraduate level, Judy teaches Contemporary Mass Movements (POL601), and at the graduate level, she teaches Media Democracy (CC8840) in the Communication and Culture Program.

Judy Rebick also holds the Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy, a position that is cross-posted to the School of Social Work and the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson. The mandate of the chair is to make Ryerson a hub of interaction between academics and social justice activists. The Gindin Chair has initiated several major projects including the Toronto Social Forum, Media Democracy Day and the Activist School. The Chair is currently developing a proposal for a research institute into the study of social movements, which will have placements for graduate students.In addition to her duties as the Gindin Chair, Judy was, for many years, the publisher of www.rabble.ca, Canada’s most popular independent news site. She is a long time activist in the women’s and social justice movements.


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