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Architecture Program & Degree Requirements

As part of our master of architecture (MArch) program, you are required to successfully complete two studios, five core courses and two electives, which are outlined on the Courses page. You are also required to complete two collaborative competitions and a thesis, which are outlined below.

Collaborative Competitions

In collaboration with fellow students at the graduate and undergraduate level, you will take part in two architectural competitions (I and II) or other design activities approved by the associate chair. Competition teams may include Ryerson faculty members or architectural professionals. These competitions are “milestones,” meaning they are graded on a pass/fail basis.


Working closely with a faculty supervisor, you will carry out independent research on an approved topic within the field of architecture. This will result in the development of a thesis document and, subsequently, a critical thesis project. You will be required to publicly present the thesis work, which forms the critical, historical and theoretical basis for your thesis project. (A comprehensive review of literature and relevant works will form a core component of your thesis.) The thesis project must be grounded in architectural praxis, but is not limited to the design of a building. The final stage is a public juried presentation of your thesis. The thesis is a “milestone,” meaning it is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Degree Completion Time Regulations

The minimum and maximum time allowed for coursework and research in the program is indicated in the table below.

Length of Time to Complete Degree MArch Full Time

Minimum length of time

20 months
(5 academic semesters)

Maximum length of time

36 months 
(9 academic semesters)

The Yeates School of Graduate Studies requires your continuous registration throughout the residency period for the program in which you are registered.

Grade Requirements

You must repeat a course, or substitute with an approved alternate course, if a course mark is less than B- (70%). Failure to maintain an acceptable academic standing could result in you being asked to withdraw from the program. Failure in more than one graduate course will be considered grounds for dismissal. If you receive two UNS progress reports you would also be withdrawn from program.