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Fall 2019 Graduate Reviews

December 06, 2019 - December 13, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
crowd-gathered-for-march student reviews

The Department of Architectual Science welcomes students, staff and faculty to attend reviews as well as the general public. Please see the schedules below for more information.

M.Arch Thesis Project Milestone 2 Reviews

All reviews take place in ARC 202 The Pit (unless otherwise noted) Architecture Building, Ryerson University 325 Church Street, Toronto, ON

All reviews are for Milestone 2 (unless otherwise noted):
M1: Milestone 1
M3: Milestone 3 (Substantial Completion Review)
M4: Milestone 4 (Final Review)

Friday, December 6th

Time Student Supervisor Second Reader Program Rep
10:00 AM
(ARC 200B)
Sena Kaska
Towards an Ecological Architecture: On Energy and High Density Dwelling
Terri Peters Umberto Berardi Marco Polo

Monday, December 9th

Time Student Supervisor Second Reader Program Rep
9:30 AM M3: Douglas Peterson-Hui
An Architecture of Terroir: Cultivating a Sense of Place in a Globalized World
Mark Gorgolewski Jennifer McArthur Jurij Leshchyshyn
10:45 AM Mateusz Bledowski
A Change in Perspective: Universal Design
Miljana Horvat Vera Straka Mark Gorgolewski
12:00 PM Mitchell Cairns-Spicer
Beyond Building: Designing Sustainability for Humans
Miljana Horvat Mark Gorgolewski Jurij Leshchyshyn
2:00 PM Michael Mazurkiewicz
Theorizing Enclosures
Marco Polo Mark Gorgolewski Jurij Leshchyshyn
3:15 PM Paul Szywacz
Temporality in Architecture: The Effects of Time on Buildings and their Constituents
Mark Gorgolewski Carlo Parente Jurij Leshchyshyn
4:30 PM

Anthony Yu
The Intention of Unfinished Architectural Space
Carlo Parente Vincent Hui Colin Ripley

Tuesday, December 10th

Time Student Supervisor Second Reader Program Rep
9:30 AM Marie-Hélène Lesiège
Of Permanence
Leila Farah Masha Etkind Jurij Leshchyshyn
10:45 AM M1: Shamim Khosravi-Vamakani
Atmosphere Within Space
Leila Farah Michelle Grant Marco Polo
12:00 PM Taylor Slade
Experience and Abstraction in Architecture
Masha Etkind Michelle Grant Yew-Thong Leong
2:00 PM
Alexander Caskey
A Theory of Vertical Architecture
Jurij Leshchyshyn Carlo Parente Yew-Thong Leong
3:15 PM
Maksym Komyshenko
Composite Tectonics in the Age of Computational Design
Vincent Hui Carlo Parente Yew-Thong Leong

Wednesday, December 11th

Time Student Supervisor Second Reader Program Rep
9:30 AM Ngan Truc Phan
An Architectural Dialogue between
Light and Form: Biomimetic Form-Finding in Response to Daylight
Vincent Hui Jason Ramelson Yew-Thong Leong
10:45 AM Arpy Katrjian
Architecture of Play: A Medium of Self-Expression
Masha Etkind Scott Sørli Colin Ripley
12:00 PM Yekaterina Korotayeva
Bodies in Architecture
Colin Ripley Scott Sørli Marco Polo
1:45 PM Khaliq Azizi
Future-Space: An Architecture of Posthuman Boundaries
Arthur Wrigglesworth Scott Sørli June Komisar
3:00 PM Benyi Hu
Formation Architecture: User Personalization
Arthur Wrigglesworth Vincent Hui Baruch Zone
4:00 PM Andres Guzman-Romero
Self-Regulated Architecture: Artificially Enhanced Environments
Arthur Wrigglesworth Vincent Hui Baruch Zone

Thursday, December 12th

Time Student Supervisor Second Reader Program Rep
9:30 AM Nikita Yakushev
Experiments in Wood Tectonics Through Digital Making
Paul Floerke Marco Polo Terri Peters
10:45 AM Daniel Julian Filice
Autonomous Architecture: The Hybridization of the Dwelling and the Mobile Device
Jennifer McArthur Arthur Wrigglesworth Marco Polo
12:00 PM Jonathan Kim
Architectural Robotic Morphology
Jennifer McArthur Garth Norbraten Marco Polo
2:00 PM Gregor Tratnik
Reclaiming Poeisis: Restoring Craft in Architecture
Carlo Parente Garth Norbraten Marco Polo
3:15 PM Nona Arezehgar
Corporeality: A Haptic Space
Marco Polo Garth Norbraten Leila Farah

Friday, December 13th

Time Student Supervisor Second Reader Program Rep
9:30 AM Gulmeena Barlas
Cinematic Space: Recovering Architectural Space Through Cinema
Arthur Wrigglesworth Colin Ripley Mark Gorgolewski
10:45 AM Simon Gordon
Animated Scapes: an architecture of pan-species systems
Marco Polo Terri Peters Leila Farah
12:00 PM Bianca Verwaayen
Active Urban Dwelling: Variations of Body and Space
Terri Peters Cheryl Atkinson Marco Polo
2:00 PM Christian Iannantuono
On an Invisible Architecture: a Multisensory Approach to Anxiety
Cheryl Atkinson Colin Ripley June Komisar
3:15 PM Amir Teyouri
The Formal Operation of Architecture: The Question of Abstraction
John Cirka Marco Polo Cheryl Atkinson
4:30 PM

Maya Orzechowska
Drawing the Gap: Vulnerability and Intimacy in Architecture
Colin Ripley John Cirka Cheryl Atkinson

AR8101 Studio in Critical Practice Reviews

Monday, December 9th

Location: Paul H. Cocker Gallery

Guest Critics (morning): Adrian Blackwell, Carlo Parente, Cheryl Atkinson, John Cirka, Michelle Grant
Guest Critics (afternoon): Adrian Blackwell, Delnaz Yekrangian, John Cirka, Michelle Grant

Time Student
9:15 AM Cristina Terentii
9:45 AM Michelle Friesen
10:15 AM Nicholas Boychuk
11:00 AM Jean-Paul Guay
11:30 PM Keegan Toscano
12:00 PM Katherine Swainson
1:30 PM Freedom Stone
2:00 PM Tejal Lad
2:30 PM Amanda Mota
3:15 PM Andrea Bickley
3:45 PM Syedsanna Kadri
4:15 PM Stephanie Steriotis

Tuesday, December 10th

Location: Paul H. Cocker Gallery

Guest Critics (morning): Colin Ripley, Dana Salama, Elizabeth George, John Cirka
Guest Critics (afternoon): Colin Ripley, Dana Salama, Elizabeth George, John Cirka

Time Student
9:15 AM Parandis Abdi
9:45 AM Rachel Au
10:15 AM Alicia Ahonen
11:00 AM Connor Gagnon
11:30 PM Andrew Aziz
12:00 PM Michael Plummer
1:30 PM Guillermo Bourget Morales
2:00 PM William Dan Howell
2:30 PM Samantha Turchyn
3:15 PM Daniel Jacobs
3:45 PM Jane Kim