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Fall 2020 Update

Student on a computer in a lab

Dear DAS Students,

I hope you are enjoying some well-deserved downtime after and unexpectedly challenging Winter term. There continues be considerable uncertainty regarding just how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact DAS. However, planning for the Fall semester is well under way and some key decisions have been made.

Here are some important updates for you:

  • All classes and studios in the BArchSc, MArch, M.B.Sc., M.A.Sc., and Ph.D. (Building Science) programs in the Fall 2020 term will be delivered in an online format.
  • Students will NOT be expected or required to come to the Ryerson campus for curriculum activities. Those of you not residing in the Greater Toronto Area, you may fully participate in the program from your current location.
  • Faculty are working to develop a creative online mode of delivery of the curriculum which meets the learning objectives of the program. We are committed to the principle that students participating from a distance are in no way disadvantaged.

Learning Support: 

  • The department is working to ensure that students will have access to necessary software for their courses as well as identifying additional IT technical support that will be available during the next term for students.
  • We recommend students secure the necessary digital technology, including internet connection, to be able to participate in courses and studios remotely.
  • All Student services and Academic advising will be available virtually. 

Events and Travel:

  • DAS community events such as the lecture series and gallery events will continue in an online format.
  • All international travel activity during the Fall 2020 term, including exchange programs and other class trips abroad, have been cancelled. We will advise by early Fall on whether they will resume in the Winter 2021 term. We are looking at other ways of introducing international collaborations.

Faculty and staff are working to create an exciting forward-looking curriculum to ensure that students get the high-quality education you have come to expect from us. I would like to reiterate that we are following both federal and provincial governments’ and Public Health Office recommendations and guidelines. These decisions have been made to minimise the risk to health and safety of our students and the broader community, while maintaining rigorous teaching and learning standards, as well as exploring new approaches that will enhance both. Currently we do not have any indication what will happen in Winter 2021 term yet, but we will advise you as soon as possible.

We will be scheduling a Zoom meeting with the ACU, later in June, where students can ask questions about the Fall term plans. Individual year groups will have a chance in August to talk to studio masters and course instructors about their plans for the term. Students should continue monitoring their Ryerson email throughout the summer for ongoing updates.

Note that Fall classes begin Tuesday, September 8, 2020 as scheduled.  See this link for Significant Dates:  

Wishing everyone a restful summer,

Dr. Mark Gorgolewski

Chair, Department of Architectural Science