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Faculty of Arts

Arts in action 2014/9
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Ryerson Academic Plan
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About Arts

Ryerson’s Faculty of Arts comprises eleven humanities and social science departments. Serving a dual role within the University, the Faculty of Arts combines a liberal arts education with Ryerson's unique brand of relevant, practical learning.

Ryerson’s Faculty of Arts is a leader in providing innovative programming, high-quality teaching, and groundbreaking research. Our students and faculty have access to state-of-the-art technology and research laboratories. Our social science and humanities programs will deepen students’ analytical understanding of how ideas and philosophies can be set in meaningful dialogue, and help them gain valuable skills in research engagement and communication, which are essential for success in today's economy and in all facets of life.

Our graduate programs emphasize scholarship, research, innovation, and critical analysis.

We also offer high quality arts-based education through liberal studies courses that integrate Ryerson's degree program curricula from journalism to engineering to business. Liberal studies challenge the intellect and imagination, enhance critical thinking, and encourage creative adaptability in today’s rapidly changing world.