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Faculty of Arts

Arts in action 2014/9
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Ryerson Academic Plan
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Ryerson University’s Faculty of Arts is home to a diverse group of innovators, thinkers, and leaders who strive to push post-secondary education and research in the humanities and social sciences in new directions. Arts in action 2014/19 builds on past achievements and highlights innovation, creativity, and academic excellence.

The future is bright. Within the Faculty and among our partners there is enormous enthusiasm for a Ryerson approach to the humanities and social sciences in which research, teaching, and learning responds to ever-changing societal needs and is connected to our city and its diverse communities.

To empower graduates to become local and global citizens in action – leaders who advance their professions and communities by constructing a better world.

The Faculty of Arts embodies a dynamic union between academic excellence and practical experience. Our connected Arts community creates productive change on a local and global scale through intellectual bravery, creative leadership, and by actively responding to the evolving needs of students and society.

Highlights of the Arts Academic Plan



Goal 1: Enable student success through exceptional learning and engagement

We prepare students with the necessary skills to build thriving careers in today’s knowledge economy. Our students are clear in what they want: experiences that will accelerate their learning, relate to their careers, and transform their lives. Our intention is simple: to ensure that every Faculty of Arts student has a meaningful and memorable learning experience during his or her time at Ryerson.

We will offer our students the chance to gain outstanding experiential learning within the classroom; a one-on-one research opportunity with one of our accomplished faculty members; an internal or external volunteer placement or internship; or an opportunity to turn their passion into a viable initiative through the SocialVentures Zone. To meet the growing student demand, we continue to increase these opportunities. 

Students are our top priority, and they have asked for more experiential opportunities. Ties to community and industry allow students to practice the skills that are essential to their career development. It takes considerable time and energy to create experiential opportunities that are valuable for both our students and our partners. To support at least four experiential courses per program, our new initiative provides teaching assistance of up to 25 hours per course to assist with coordinating experiences with partners. We encourage faculty members to work with their chair and the dean’s office to strengthen existing curricular and co-curricular opportunities or to create new ones. 

Goal 2: Intensify scholarly research and creative activity

Research across the Faculty of Arts is gaining momentum. The humanities and social sciences at Ryerson are broadly recognized for their contributions to communities, industry, and society. Our goals are to enhance opportunities for scholarly research and creative activities, and to accelerate a collaborative knowledge environment. Overall, we hope to continue to increase the quantity of external research funding. 

The Faculty of Arts is introducing new internal grants and grant writing support that will propel our research growth even further.

The Faculty of Arts is home to several prestigious research chairs, including a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Modern Literature and Culture (Tier 1) and a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Cognitive Aging, as well as a thriving culture of research centres and institutes. Together they are a dynamic focal point for world-class research, innovation, and creative practice. We have also allotted seed funding to opening new research centres with an understanding that they will be self-funded after one year. Faculty members interested in proposing a new research centre may contact the associate dean of research and graduate studies for more information.

Goal 3: Foster innovation and social entrepreneurship

Ryerson is part of an international network of universities and colleges that are committed to solving real-world problems in new and nimble ways.. The Faculty of Arts is an environment infused with creative and entrepreneurial thinking which drives our social innovation. This goal fosters learning, teaching and research innovations, and advances the SocialVentures Zone as a champion of social enterprise and zone learning. To support Ryerson’s priority to foster an innovation ecosystem, the Faculty of Arts is committed to enhancing and growing the SocialVentures Zone and to supporting our social entrepreneurs.

Our faculty and staff are change-makers wanting to innovate, take risks and create change at the university and in our community. Our new Opportunity Fund provides up to $1,500 to faculty and staff members wanting to act on their ideas for change.

Goal 4: Activate partnerships at home and abroad

The humanities and social sciences at Ryerson have a strong and growing reputation at home and beyond. Communications and marketing efforts alongside participation in significant events will continue to enhance our reputation. In 2017, Ryerson will host the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. This event is the largest annual gathering of more than 9,000 scholars, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners for the purpose of sharing findings, refining ideas and building partnerships that will shape Canada and the world of tomorrow.

We are committed to further advance our reputation by introducing the following grant:

Goal 5: Create a flourishing and sustainable environment

The Faculty of Arts is a great place to be, and we are proud of the diversity of people wanting to work, teach, research and learn here. We have a responsibility to ensure that our workplace is one that is collaborative, fair, equitable and progressive so that everyone can flourish. By fostering and encouraging a stimulating environment, the Faculty of Arts and Ryerson  enables students, graduates, staff and faculty to make a positive and meaningful impact on the social, environmental and economic vitality of Toronto, Ontario and beyond.

The Faculty of Arts is the first faculty at Ryerson to receive the RU Sustainability Matters certification for its Arts Eco Action Plan. We are committed to continuing our efforts to address environmental and social issues at the university and in the community. Our faculty and staff members are already active in the community through various volunteer engagements. To support these efforts, we have introduced a professional development course in non-profit board participation for both faculty and staff.